Starbeck ‘landmark’ could be demolished

The Henry Peacock Pub. (S)
The Henry Peacock Pub. (S)

A landmark of Starbeck’s High Street could soon be demolished to make way for a car park and showroom.

A planning application is in to knock down the 18th century Henry Peacock pub, to form a display area for the Stoneacre car dealership.

But campaigning residents have tried to save the ancient building, which they say is a local landmark.

“I couldn’t believe it when I saw the plans,” said lifelong Starbeck resident Jim Rogers, 65, who lives on Rothbury Close.

“They can clearly get more money for the land than selling the pub. But it’s been there since the railway line was built.

“It would be a shame if it was lost. It’s so old, it’s such a nice building.”

Mr Rogers has said that although he wouldn’t miss the pub itself, the building could be converted into something worth keeping.

“It would be an eyesore to have a car dealership right on the High Street,” he added.

George Skelton, 62, of St Winifred’s, said: “If I won the lottery I would buy that pub and do it up.

“I’ve lived in Starbeck all my life.

I used to go a drink there when Reg Hastings was landlord.

“You could get a bottle of pop and a bag of crisps.

“That pub used to be where all the railway workers went for a drink.

“Now, money rules. If they get offered enough for it, they will sell it.”

Another resident, a regular who has been visiting the Henry Peacock for 50 years, said: “It’s definitely a place of character.

“Pubs are suffering and there are a lot around here, all within walking distance.

“It’s a shame, it’s been there for a lot of years, and in it’s heyday it was heaving.”

A consultation by Harrogate Borough Council closes on Wednesday, September 12.

The planning application, by Enterprise Inns, was submitted on August 13.

When contacted by the Harrogate Advertiser, a spokesman for the applicants declined to comment.