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Starbeck Annual Show: this years show attracted over 100 visitors and was a success with competitors and visitors and also made money for Starbeck in Bloom’s fund! The Mayor of Harrogate opened the show and welcomed everyone then had to wait to be told the results as he had entered the baking category. It was the war of the Victoria sponge as both he and Rev Nick had baked. There were eight entries in that class and four were baked by men! The mayor, who is a Starbeck resident came third and the vicar was highly commended, Marcia Weatherhead was first and John Manning second. It all added to the fun of the day! Trophies went to Charles Roberts for the Ron Robson trophy for best onion, Geoff Stewart trophy went to Jim Bean, Ted de la Mare trophy for cut flowers went to Charles Roberts and the Jan Borchard trophy for best fuchsia was won by Dean Broadbent a first time entrant. The Winstanley cake salver went to Doreen Thompson and Marcia Weatherhead won the Joyce Scarborough plate for best fruit pie. The Peoples salver was won by Pam Wilkinson for the best handicraft in the show. The standard of all entries was very high and it made a good Show. All trophies will be engraved and formally presented at the awards evening which is on October 14. It is later this year as Starbeck will find out their result in Britain in Bloom on October 12, all are welcome to the awards in Methodist church to hear the news and also find out results of garden competition.

Coffee morning: on Saturday, August 31 the coffee morning at Methodist Church is to raise funds for Hannah Wheatley a Starbeck guide to help her achieve her ambition of travelling to India. There will be a cake stall and all her fellow guides will be serving teas and coffee.

Starbeck Methodist church Luncheon club: volunteers are always welcome to help with the lunches but there are also vacancies if you would like to go for lunch. A three course lunch is served each Tuesday at noon for £3 -the only stipulation is that you are single or a widow or widower. If you would like to find out more or would like to help contact Chris Thomas on 887504

St Andrews church new Welcome centre: this is being officially opened on Saturday, September 14 and from 10am-noon the centre will host a coffee morning with displays by various groups in Starbeck. Pop in and see how you can join in the many activities there are in Starbeck and see the lovely new centre.

Starbeck Library: the very active group of Friends of Starbeck library not only have a coffee morning every Saturday from 10am-noon but also hold a book sale each month. The next is on Saturday, September 14 then October 12 and November 9.

Henshaws college: Henshaws are issuing a challenge to all, Bright for Sight to help all blind in UK .There are over 2m people affected by blindness and the challenge is to help by holding a cupcake competition for brightest cake, or wear bright clothes at work. They have a fundraising pack with lots of ideas,go on line or pick up leaflet at the library.

Starbeck in Bloom: this year has needed a lot of extra funds to support our push to enter Britain in Bloom but we have been so generously supported. We have had people coming forward to be a Friend of Starbeck in Bloom and pledging £10 a year, we had a donation towards the lovely lunch that we served to the judges and a former business owner in Starbeck , Celia, has given us a generous donation which we hope to use in the Spa Lane area. Without all this support we would not be able to continue to improve Starbeck. Last winter we were given money from two ladies instead of them sending Christmas cards, that money paid for all the flowers on Starbeck station and another gentleman gave money to plant the swimmer flower bed near the pool. Businesses gave money to replace the street banners. Some like to be acknowledged and others not, some donations are large and some small but every single one makes a difference. If you would like to help in any way, if you have enjoyed seeing the colourful planters or just enjoyed sitting on the new seat in the wood, just contact Chris Binks on 884809 or Christine Stewart on 545024 And don’t forget you can also help by buying a Starbeck teatowel or cards and key rings. All the money goes into funds and you can get them from Steph at Hairstop.

Starbeck Community Grant Fund: it is time for the second round of the grants. Each year local groups and individuals can apply for help with projects or to buy equipment. Application forms are available from Garry Atkins at Harrogate council 556723 or on line The closing date is later in September so you have time to think out your application, remember groups can apply for up to £2,000 and individuals £200 but you must be in Starbeck ward.

Any posters,information or publicity you would like for your group can be sent to me at 01423 545024 or 35 Millfield Glade Starbeck HG2 7EB