Spofforth News

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All Saints Church Spofforth: the service on Sunday, September 8 will be morning prayer at 10.30am.

Kerbside recycling: at Spofforth will be on Tuesday, September 10.

Spofforth Women’s Institute: meet on Tuesday, September 10 at 7.30 in The Long Memorial Hall. The talk will be by Joyce Thackray and will be entitled The Magistracy. The competition will be a cutting about an interesting court case.

The Spofforth Emergency Plan: is being devised by the parish council so that, in the event of an emergency such as extensive power cuts or flooding, the village could call on volunteer help to react quickly and safely. To achieve this requires a register of people who are willing to provide such help. The skills of such people as doctors; nurses; first aiders; engineers; builders; plumbers; electricians and providers of clothing and sustenance would all be useful. Additionally, resources such as tractors; 4x4s; chain saws; building tools; generators; temporary lighting; fork lift trucks and diggers would also be useful. If you can help, please contact Jo Townend, Spofforth emergency plan coordinator, on 01937 591621 / 07946 678267 or email jo.townend1@btinternet.com. All offers of help will be kept in confidence and the list will only be referred to in the case of a real emergency. Infirm or disabled residents would be put on a priority assistance list. If you come under this category or have a relative, friend or neighbour who would want to be registered, please contact Jo on the above numbers.

Spofforth Gala: enjoyed a warm sunny day after the terrible weather last year. It’s not easy to estimate the number of visitors. The trail race had 224 entries and brought many supporters of the various runners to add to the locals and people from outside the village. The organisers are still receiving money and don’t know all of their costs yet, but here are some approx numbers: They expect total receipts to be approx £4500. After expenses have been deducted they expect to clear approx £3000 to £3500 which will be spent on various village projects including maintenance of the children’s playground, upgrading of facilities in the village hall and school equipment.