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Spofforth with Stockeld Parish Council: met on Tuesday, June 18 at 7.30pm in the Long Memorial Hall. Present were: Couns Fawcett, Hare, Atkinson, Parker Beevers, Geddes, Heslop,Roberts, the village handyman and County Coun Trotter. Apologies were received from the responsible financial officer and PC Mark Ayre. Coun Hare reported that monies from the commuted sum for the Castle Field gate have not yet been received. She contacted commuted sums officer who confirmed money to be paid on next monthly payment run. The updated spread sheet received will need to be reviewed. Coun Parker Beevers reported that the contract for village hall renovation has been signed and building regulations have been applied for. Work has started and is being planned around existing bookings and is currently in line with the programme. Coun Geddes reported the floor was dusty for the dancing class. It was agreed to monitor whether additional cleaning is required during the alterations Feedback has been received from hall users that additional electric sockets would be useful in the hall, this is to be incorporated into the building works. Coun Atkinson reported that three estimates have been received for the kitchen layout. Clarification on fitting prices will be obtained and circulated. Coun Hare will secure an additional quote for white goods from a local supplier. Coun Parker Beevers reported the development of the emergency planning scheme is on-going and should be completed by the autumn. A first aid course is to be arranged and places will be offered to anyone interested within the village. Coun Hare and the responsible finance officer have agreed the matter of playground asset transfer would not be taken further; ownership of assets not purchased through Harrogate Borough Council has been clarified with them. Coun Hare is awaiting a final visual of the Spofforth in Bloom sign and quote from Civic Pride for approval prior to the sign being ordered. A security lock and sign containing contact numbers for emergency or disabled access will be fitted to the main gates of the Castle Field. The clerk reported that Harrogate Borough Council have issued the Harrogate and district village and community hall assessment 2013. Coun Hare will complete it.. Harrogate Borough Council will again be carrying out the annual inspection of children’s play areas. The clerk gave a report from the village hall booking clerk. Cllr Parker Beevers reported the footpath between the iron bridge Mill Lane and the main road bridge on the A661 is very overgrown. The clerk will report. Coun Parker Beevers enquired if there were any further developments with the youth workers, the clerk has invited them to the next meeting and ios awaiting confirmation. Coun Geddes requested volunteers to help with the gala catering. Coun Hare reported to Harrogate Borough Council that a large tree branch is resting on the telephone wires on Park Lane at the junction with Parklands. The tree officer will carry out a site visit. Coun Hare reported that the village hall has been accepted by Cine Yorkshire to put on film nights during the autumn. Coun Hare will approach the village society to seek their support for this venture. Coun Trotter reported that he will be attending a highways meeting and will put forward highways issues concerning the village, and report back at the next meeting. Coun Fawcett reported that it was announced at the YLCA Harrogate Branch Meeting that flashing speed awareness signs are available for hire from North Yorkshire County Council, Coun Fawcett will contact parishes who have used them to ascertain their effectiveness. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, July 16 at 7.30pm in the Long Memorial Hall.

All Saints Church Spofforth: the service on Sunday, July 21 will be Holy Communion at 10.30am.

Household Waste: collection at Spofforth will be on Tuesday, July 23.

Spofforth Seniors: lunch at the Castle pub will be on Tuesday, July 23. To book a place or for information contact Pat Lee on 01937 590261.

Spofforth Parish Council: as part of the community resilience plan (more details later) the council are hoping to organise first aid sessions for anyone that would be interested. These would consist of basic or refresher sessions, lasting two hours, organised by the British Red Cross and led by a volunteer community educator. They would be in the Long Memorial Hall on Fridays and would require a suggested £3. Donation. Anyone who is interested should contact Judi Parker Beevers on 01937 590285 or judy@parkerbeevers,co.uk indicating a preference for daytime or evening.