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All Saints Church Spofforth: the service on Sunday, February 17 will be holy communion at 10.30pm.

Kerbside Recycling: at Spofforth will be on Friday, February 15.

Spofforth Seniors: coffee morning will be on Tuesday, February 19 from 10-11.30am in the Long Memorial Hall.

Spofforth with Stockeld Parish Council: met on Tuesday, January 15 at 7.30pm in the Long Memorial Hall. Present were: Couns Fawcett; Roberts; Hare; Parker Beevers; Geddes; Heslop; Responsible Financial Officer; County Coun Trotter; and two representatives from Spofforth snooker club. Apologies were received from Coun Atkinson; PC Ayre and the village handyman. Representatives from Spofforth snooker club attended the meeting to discuss the future of the club as they currently don’t have enough members for it to be viable. The councillors gave advice on how to increase awareness and advertising options as well as fundraising ideas to help secure the future of this village amenity. The clerk will request an updated spread sheet from commuted sums officer. Coun Parker Beevers reported that a price had been received for the opening of the new kitchen area, price to be obtained from WT Hall to complete full works as per schedule. Coun Hare will submit an application to the Lottery seeking an award towards the works. Repairs to the floor will be put on hold until a decision is received from the Lottery (expected to be received within 30 days).The clerk will make progress with the CiLCA qualification, regarding Quality Parish Council Coun Parker Beevers will send an email to councillors detailing key points of the emergency planning scheme and highlight the way to progress with scheme. Coun Hare continues to discuss the Playground Asset Transfer with Harrogate Borough Council. Coun Hare will meet with the chairman of Spofforth in Bloom to discuss ways of promoting the recent gold award in Britain in Bloom. The clerk reported that Harrogate Borough Council have responded to the suggestion of suspending the green waste collection from January to March rather than December to February, this will be reviewed prior to winter 2013/14 and the suggestion considered at the review.The clerk reported that Harrogate Borough Council intend to make changes to the way rates are levied and that this could impact on the parish precept. The responsible financial officer will respond.The clerk reported details received from Harrogate Borough Council regarding the grass cutting contractor; information to be submitted as requested. Coun Roberts reported to Coun Trotter that road signs are still to be collected from various points around the village, following the recent road works. Coun Hare raised the issue of the potholes on the Haggs Road with Coun Trotter as well as a bollard covering a drain cover on Follifoot Road. Coun Fawcett reported to Coun Trotter about gritting issues along School Lane, past the doctors’ surgery and the school. Coun Fawcett reported to Coun Trotter that the one way system around the village hall should be pursued. Coun Trotter will request a site visit. Coun Geddes enquired as to the possibility of the cricket club car park being offered to the cchool as parking for the teachers. The clerk will write to the cricket club. Coun Heslop reported that he has registered online for details about insulation funding for the village hall under the government’s Green Deal scheme; we are awaiting a response. Coun Geddes requested letters of thanks be sent for help with the carol service, The clerk will send the letters. The sum of £77 was raised on the evening. Coun Geddes reported that a minibus and a 4x4 continue to be parked on the car park adjacent to the village hall, causing parking difficulties for people using the village hall and an obstruction to people wanting to read the noticeboard. Signage will be put up to reserve parking for users of village hall. The next meeting will be held on Tuesday, February 18 at 7.30pm in the Long Memorial Hall.