SLIDESHOW: Harrogate's top 10 Christmas window displays

As you count down the days to Christmas with your advent calendar, the shops have been showcasing their festive spirit...


Hoopers Christmas window display

Hoopers Christmas window display

1. A shop window to rival that of Newcastle's famous Fenwick Christmas display, Hoopers has come up trumps for another year with a dazzling display.

A sensation of silver and snow, the window is complete with reindeer, trees and snowflakes suspended from the ceiling.


2. Following suit of their traditional style, Betty's town centre window is an amalgamation of all that is classic about Christmas.

Passers-by are guaranteed to be drawn in by the burst of Christmas colour and exceptional handicraft.


3. James' Street clothes shop, Next, have taken their festive spirit to the forest... Staff at the shop told us that real wooden logs had to be sawn in half and reconstructed to give the effect of real forest trees!

The window is also complete with a false grass floor and show dusting.


4. Just down the road, joint shops Monsoon and Accessorize have used a slightly different colour for their Christmas creation. While other shops have focused on white and silver, the Monsoon display has a waterfall hanging of golden papers.

The feather-y effect is continued in the Accessorize window, where bird boxes and families of owls greet their Christmas customers.

The White Company

5. White by name and white by nature, The White Company have focused their festive energy on quite literally recreating a white winter wonderland.

The shop was already a buzz with customers who must have been dazzled by the bright and twinkling display.

Jo Malone

6. Bringing a bit of romance back into the high street, Jo Malone (candle and scents retailer) has used the theme of Mistletoe. With enormous balls of mistletow suspended in both windows, shoppers couldn't miss the flirtatious festivities if they tried!


7. As they celebrate the real spirit of Christmas, charity shop Oxfam have focused on everything you would expect from a typical family Christmas day. The window is covered in red and green with an explosion of wrapped presents accompanied by a snow dusted festive tree.


8. Simple yet effective, classic clothing retailers, Toast, feature one simple decoration; an enormous Christmas wreath. The window is sugared up with a little fake snow and a simple wooden sledge.

Jack Wills

9. The Jack Wills window may seem relatively simple, with just one beautifully decorated tree. However the festive theme goes wild inside with wreathes and bauble buntings dripping from all corners of the ceiling.


10. And finally, Brora have created a warm and inviting window by showcasing all the winter warmers they have to offer this snowy season.