Slideshow: Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

Crowds of thousands from across the country enjoyed the Harrogate Autumn Flower Show in changeable weather at the Great Yorkshire Showground.

Officials joined Mayor of Harrogate Coun Mike Newby to judge the prestigious giant vegetable competition on Friday, before the sun shone for visitors on the show’s busy Saturday.

Visitors looking at the Giant Vegetable displays at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show.   (130913M1p)

Visitors looking at the Giant Vegetable displays at Harrogate Autumn Flower Show. (130913M1p)

Families from all corners of the UK gathered to have a look at all manner of

plants, as well as the prize-winning veg, which remained on show throughout the weekend.

For the first time, the show offered the chance for visitors to sample various strengths of chillis, in the ChilliFest section.

Exhibitor Deidree Morrow took part as the owner of Knaresborough-based Deespice.

She said: “I have been running this business for five years now, and it is great to exhibit at the Chillispice event.

“It seems to be working well because I am not in the food tent, which is heaving.

“The whole idea is to get people to try the food.

“My aim now is to grow the business so we can employ people, that has always been what I wanted to do.”

Outside of the main tented areas, the show became the first UK gardening event to offer full-sized autumn show gardens.

And the Ripon Walled Garden’s Kin Space scooped gold for its effort.

Co-ordinator Rob Gooderidge said: “The award show from our point of view that our workers with disabilities can stand up to any comparison. We are absolutely


“We have about 30 people coming in to do work at various times, and we do most of our work on people’s gardens, and I think we will get a good reaction from being at the show.

“It is all about raising awareness.”

The Harrogate Potted Garden Company took home a Silver Gilt award for its White Garden.

Winning a Silver Gilt Horticultural Trade award was Wack’s Wicked Plants.

Owner Peter Walker took his carnivorous plants to the spring show, and said the positive feedback he received inspired him to return for the autumn event.

He said: “The support and feedback we got from exhibiting at the spring show for the first time was very positive.

“It has been a good summer, which helps as well.

“For the autumn, we tried to create a Yorkshire bog garden, and won an award, which is fantastic.

“The plants are a bit unusual, and people are going to notice them.

“I have a good customer base now and the feedback is always positive.”

Awards were also handed out for exhibits of special educational or scientific interest.

Taking home a gold award was the Harrogate and Ripon Beekeepers Association.

Show secretary Peter Gudgeon said: “We have been exhibiting since Harrogate’s shows were hosted at the Royal Hall.

“The autumn event is our main honey show. People are interested in seeing live bees and sampling honey, and they attract young people to come and have a look.”

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Video: Harrogate Autumn Flower Show

Giant vegetable results:

Heaviest marrow: 1 I R Neale, 50.5kg; 2 N Drine, 40.9; 3 Peter Glazebrook, 39.9; 4 John Hollinrake, 39.5; 5 R Ormo, 34.8. Heaviest cabbage, washed roots: 1 Peter Glazebrook, 30.5; 2 J Atherton, 26; 3 John Hollinrake, 24.9; 4 Graham Tranter, 24; 5 A Harrison 13. Heaviest potato: 1 Peter Glazebrook, 2.28kg; 2 J Atherton, 2.24; 3 I R Neale, 1.68; 4 J Dale, 1.40; 5 E Walker, 1.36. Heaviest tomato: 1 J Atherton, 2.06kg; 2 I R Neale, 1.85; 3 Peter Glazebrook, 1.55; 4 Graham Tranter, 1.49; 5 W Stringfellow, 1.19. Longest runner bean: 1 Peter Glazebrook, 29.5”; 2 R & M Rogers, 29.25; 3 B Marshall, 29; 4 W J Billinge 28.75; 5 J Atherton, 28.5. Longest cucumber: 1 I R Neale, 34”; 2 F Farrar, 30; 3 Peter Glazebrook, 29; 4 B Jonel, 26; 5 C Metcalfe, 22.75. Heaviest leek: 1 D Watson, 6kg; 2 Peter Glazebrook, 5.8kg; J Atherton, 5.2; R Orme, 3.5; 5 Graham Tranter, 2. Heaviest beetroot: 1 Peter Glazebrook, 11.4kg; 2 I R Neale, 7.7; 3 J Atherton, 4.8; 4 R Orme, 3.1; 5 G Tranter, 2.1. Heaviest stick of rhubarb: 1 Peter Glazebrook, 79kg; 2 C Metcalfe, 65; 3 K Dale, 48.1; 4 F Farrah, 46; 5 A S McInne, 42. Heaviest pumpkin: 1 R Mann, 84.9kg; 2 Peter Glazebrook, 78.9. Heaviest carrot: 1 I R Neal, 6.5kg; 2 Peter Glazebrook, 4.8; 3 B Gilthorpe, 3.0; 4 J Atherton, 2.0; 5 P F Jackson, 1.7. Heaviest parsnip: 1 J Atherton, 4.3kg; 2 I R Neale, 3.6; 3 P F Jackson, 1.9; 4 Peter Glazebrook, 1.71; 5 B Gilthorpe, 1.7.