Sky News gives Knaresborough a star role

TV interview - Roger Hewitt, Knaresborough's town crier
TV interview - Roger Hewitt, Knaresborough's town crier

Knaresborough featured as a main news item on Sky News at the weekend in a publicity coup worth worth millions of pounds.

In proof that most clouds do have a silver lining, the starring role on the TV news is all thanks to a 'threat' to its market.

A spectacular view of the River Nidd at Knaresborough.

A spectacular view of the River Nidd at Knaresborough.

The Sky News item on Sunday morning had a prominent role for the town crier Roger Hewitt,

As well as the point of the news item, the Sky TV news team also highlighted some of Knaresborough's crown jewels to hundreds of thousands of viewers.

Included were the High Bridge, the river Nidd, St John's Church and, of course, the Market Place itself.

Local people and stall holders were also interviewed for their opinions.

The controversy began before Christmas with suggestions by Harrogate Borough Council of the potential end of the system of free stalls provided for traders in both Knaresborough and Ripon.

There was alarm in Knaresborough over this news but this subsided quickly when Harrogate Borougb Council leader Coun Richard Cooper quickly reassured everyone that both the consultation and suggestions, outlined by consultants WMC Retail Partners, would not go ahead.

Instead a new working group was to be established to support the market in the new year.

The good news seems to have filtered down to the London media slowly, however.

Firstly, The Guardian reported on Sunday, December 24 thus:

"Yorkshire town battles to save its historic market from the plans of ‘modernisers’."

The article went on to explain that "in Knaresborough market a resistance movement is growing against a new council edict".

It also waxed lyrical about now "once a week, for more than seven centuries without pause, the historic North Yorkshire town of Knaresborough has hosted street traders selling all manner of produce in its pretty town square."

Perhaps it's this belated story which Sky TV News was actually responding to?