Showcasing the best of the district's photographers

Anxiety by Mike Hudson
Anxiety by Mike Hudson

An annual photographic exhibition is set to launch, showcasing some of the best amateur pieces from across the district.

The Harrogate Photographic Society's event begins from Friday, October 13 at St Peter’s Church, Harrogate and runs until Sunday 22nd October. More than 90 images from 30 of its members were selected out of 230 submissions for the gallery and covers genres ranging from landscape, portrait, creative, sport,and monochrome.

The Flying Scotsman by Graham Roberts

The Flying Scotsman by Graham Roberts

While already one of the largest photographic societies in Northern England it is hoped the event will inspire new members to join up.

Graham Roberts, President of Harrogate Photographic Society said: "This is a chance for members ranging from newer to the more experienced to improve their craft, its about giving them what they need to feel at home and enjoying photography.

"At the same time we are showcasing the best of our member's work which cover a lot of genres compared to last year which focused on portraits.

He added: "People who have never done something like this before but are interested should come to the exhibition, they are going to see some incredible images. It may scare or inspire them but we will have all kinds of information and more experienced members they can talk to."

The event follows the society celebrating a high note after its first live streamed presentation which featured NASA photographer Bill Ingalls, who documented key moments in the effort to explore space.

It is hoped the society will now be able to host more photographers for talks from across the world.

Mr Roberts said: "We have become a well established group, one of the largest in the north of England, and attracting a high standard of people to speak at our events. We are developing a reputation for this quality with people such as Adrian Dennis and Bill Ingalls.

"After Bill Ingalls we now know how to run a talk like that, the technology can be challenging with communication from areas like Kazakhstan but now we have tested it. Because of this we can look forward to inviting speakers from across the world."