‘Sexist’ strip club advert removed after complaints

The poster outside of King's Club, Harrogate
The poster outside of King's Club, Harrogate

A poster advertising ‘over 40 stunning girls to choose from’ was taken down from outside a Harrogate nightclub just hours after residents complained to the council.

Local residents branded the advertisement which was displayed prominently outside the King’s Club ‘sexist’ and ‘disgusting’.

Beth Yarwood Smith said she noticed the poster on her walk to work and was disgusted by the words used.

She said: “I was uncomfortable with the phrasing, ‘40 stunning girls to choose from’, I was offended by that.

“It implies the women working there, and they are women not girls, have no choice.

“It makes it sound like a cattle market.”

She added: “It is just disgusting, on my walk to work I pass school buses who are often stopped there in traffic, the bus windows look right at the poster with nearly naked women.

“This kind of sexism is so normalised and school boys will think it’s okay for them to ‘pick women’ and treat them like that.”

The lap dancing and strip club caused controversy when it opened in 2009 and in 2010 the venue was re-classed as a ‘sex establishment’ after a change in national licencing laws.

Ms Yarwood Smith added: “I don’t have a problem with it being a club, and from the outside it isn’t obvious what it is, but I don’t agree with that poster.”

The sign was removed just hours after it was reported to Harrogate Borough Council.

A spokesman for the council said: “We were made aware of signage by member of the public and the club in question complied with council officers’ requests to remove the signage, which was in breach of licencing conditions which does not allow advertising outside their premises.”

Paul Kinsey owner of King’s Club said the poster was taken down within four hours after they had been contacted by the council.

He added: “The poster was taken down with four hours after we spoke to the council and when we realised it had caused any angst.

“I am surprised it would cause any offence and I am surprised people disagree with girls being described as stunning.”

“We didn’t regard it as sexist and though it was complimentary of the girls not derogatory. But obviously individuals are all entitled to their own opinions.”

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