Selfless Starbeck girl's mission to help children with cancer

Committed to helping others: Meghan Walsh.
Committed to helping others: Meghan Walsh.

A selfless 12-year-old girl from Starbeck has decided to have all her hair shaved off to help children with cancer.

Harrogate High School student Meghan Walsh was in a car accident with her family earlier this year, and lost a lot of hair from shock while she was recovering.

With her caring mind turning to children who often have no choice in losing their hair, Meghan was determined to look into donating her hair to the Little Princess Trust, which makes real hair wigs for children with cancer.

Meghan will be having her hair shaved off on August 28, and has already raised an impressive £360 through her JustGiving page alone.

Proud mum Carol, said: “She is a beautiful girl, she loves doing things like this to help others.

“She is just wonderful, and does anything for anyone - she’s very caring and goes out of her way to help.”

Meghan said: “I know that I may not have to shave my whole head, but I would like to because I feel like those who have lost their hair do not have a choice as to whether they would like to or not, and I would like to help other children be happy by giving them a simple choice that we take for granted, like what hairstyles will we wear.

“Every morning I choose a hairstyle to wear which I love doing, but I also understand that other girls and boys do not get the chance to do that. I would like to help raise money for the Little Princess Trust because even though the wigs that are made are given to children for free, they cost around £300-£500 to make and any donation will be gratefully recieved.”

To back Meghan’s incredible fundraising efforts to help others, visit her JustGiving page: