Search is launched for star young person

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Wetherby Town Council has launched its search for this year’s Jubilee Award winner.

The scheme recognises the achievements of outstanding young people, aged under 20 and from the area, who have made an impact locally, regionally or nationally.

“There are many young people of whom Wetherby can rightly be proud and it is these young people that we wish to recognise and hope will be nominated,” said Wetherby Town Clerk Iona Taylor.

The award was established by the town council in 2012 to create a lasting contribution for the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee year and can be awarded jointly to a maximum of three special young people.

In 2016 the Jubilee Award was given to local and national kickboxing star Niamh Hutton after being nominated by Wetherby High School for her bravery and fortitude in a tough sport.

Her ambition has enabled her to reach the heights in the world of kickboxing. She was declared a credit to her school and the community.

Qualities being searched among young people being nominated for the awards include: bravery and fortitude, work in the community/home, adapting to changes in life style, academic or sporting achievements, charitable accomplishments, kindness beyond the call of duty and ambition to achieve.

Nominations for the 2017 award must be received by November 15 and can be submitted by anyone who knows an amazing young person whether it be a parent, teacher or youth group leader.

Nomination forms are available online at or from the Town Council’s offices in Wetherby Town Hall.

A panel will consider all nominations with an awards ceremony to reveal this year’s winner to be held in Wetherby Town Hall on Wednesday December 20.