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The Rector is retiring: our Rector Canon Peter Midwood, will be retiring in August and his last service will be at St Oswald’s Church, Farnham on Sunday, August 7 at 11am followed by a buffet lunch in the church. All are welcome to give Canon Peter a good send off – you don’t have to be a regular church goer as you may have met him at a wedding, christening, funeral, or carol service. If you would like to come to Farnham Church on August 4, please contact Yvonne Bonner on 01423 867703 or call at Hazel Lodge, Manor Farm Way, Scotton. (Just so that we know the numbers for lunch).

Calling all members of Scotton Cricket Club: you have £485 to spend! It was reported at the parish council on July 8 that the cricket club has this amount allocated to it as a commuted sum from the Scotton Gates development, which has not yet been claimed. To access this fund could a member of the club committee contact Kirsten Morgan, clerk to the council on 01423 879219, or any parish councillor.

Raise the Roof Campaign: members of the Keep Fit Club which has been meeting in the village hall since 1978 recently raised £165 towards the fund for the new village hall eco roof. The club held a day of exercise and dance on June 8 when 85 members and teachers past and present came together from all over Yorkshire to celebrate 35 years of the club in Scotton. At the club’s regular session on Wednesday, July 3 Sue Godden, the current club leader, presented Stephen Barnes with a cheque, so on behalf of the village hall committee and the whole village we would like to thank the keep fit club members for their generosity and support.

Save the Guy Fawkes: there are still no sings of activity down at the pub and everyone keeps asking what’s happening. However, it was reported at the parish council on Monday, July 8 that the sale is still proceeding, albeit slowly. It has always been believed that Punch Taverns wanted to retain the pub on their balance sheet until August so it may well be that completion doesn’t take place until then. We all no doubt look forward to our village pub reopening.

Parish Council: the council met under the chairmanship of Ian Pollock on Monday, July 8 when Angus McKenzie was introduced as a new councillor. Clare Stoppard will also start as a new councillor on July 11. The public session was attended by the Police Community Support Officer who warned residents to be aware of bogus door-to-door salesmen, particularly those purporting to be on a prisoner release scheme. They should be reported to the police on the 101 number or to Trading Standards. Concern about speeding drivers on Market Flat Lane was reported to the police who will set up a radar trap – you have been warned! Complaints about cars repeatedly mounting the pavement in Main Street have also been referred to the police, and councillors related that drivers of the Eddie Brown service bus have been reported for poor standards of driving in the village. Discussions are to take place with the village hall committee about sharing the cost of maintaining the village clock, estimated at £200 pa.

The clerk reported that the aborted work on cutting back the verges in Market Flat Lane will once again be referred to NYCC, and the overgrown rose bed on Havikil Park may well be dealt with by local residents unless action is first taken by NYCC.

Installation of the temporary vehicle activated road sign on Havikil Road has been prevented by the overgrown hedge which will need to be first cut back, but progress is being made on the village website – draft text and photographs have been sent to the designer and should be available to councillors for comment by week ending July 12. Councillors also considered quotations for the replacement parish notice board for Lingerfield.

In response to availability of funding from Harrogate District Community Safety Partnership, the primary school have enthusiastically embraced the suggestion of a road safety partnership project involving the children.

Percy Fields: Couns Clarke and Webster and the clerk recently had a positive meeting with HBC and agreement has now been reached on the amount of outstanding rent. HBC are also to provide a specification for the parish council to appoint their own land agent to handle the rent reviews with tenants and the lease for the golf driving range. A meeting is also to take place with HBC about reinstatement of the trees, but Coun McKenzie was firmly of the view that the safety of children walking to the school was paramount and HBC should be asked for permission for the parish council to make a new pathway through the trees by the roadside. Quotations are being sought for levelling of the GDR prior to leasing to the archery club.

Church Services: for Sunday, July 21, 8th after Trinity, 8.30am, Holy Communion at St Thomas (Book of Common Prayer) and 10am at the Methodist Church.