Scotton and Lingerfield


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The parish council met on February 11 and Lewis Denton has been co-opted onto the council to fill a vacancy created by the resignation of Coun Katherine Horner.

In the public session Peter Wakefield asked what decisions had been made about restitution for the felled trees at the GDR. The chairman Coun Richardson responded that all councillors had apologised for the events in February 2012, but that following the investigation, no decisions had so far been communicated to the parish council by HBC. In response to a further question from Mr Wakefield, the chairman stated that the final audit report had been posted on the notice board for two months and that the December and January minutes would be approved today. It was the council’s decision that only approved minutes would be displayed. In response to further questions from Mr Wakefield, it was confirmed that Coun Watson was trying to get a timetable from NY Highways regarding the clearing of the footpaths on Market Flat Lane, and that a new notice board would be erected in Lingerfield. Mr Wakefield appealed to the council for greater transparency in communications and Erica Ashmore stated her full support of the council.

Planning: the Guy Fawkes Mr Denton outlined the process for registering the pub as a community asset which if approved by HBC would give six months grace for the village to put together a bid to buy the pub on the open market. The PC agreed to make the application for registration and once registered this would be for up to five years. HBC has not previously registered a community asset. In response to Mr Denton’s question, Coun Richardson said that the PC would need to seek legal advice about their powers in relation to whether they could financially support a bid to buy the pub, and that a public meeting would be required as not all parishioners would necessarily support this.

Percy Fields: two members of the archery club were at the meeting and they and the PC are now ready to move to substantive negotiations on a lease for the former GDR. The PC agreed to appoint an agent to draw up Heads of Terms and Couns Clark and Wood will oversee this. Coun Richardson has sought legal advice about the PC retaining half the rent from Kids at Heart for five years for developments at Percy Fields but confirmation is awaited from HBC.The Planners have not yet responded to Coun Wood about the new tree planting.

Contracts: a specification is to be drawn up for the village grass cutting to obtain competitive quotes, and quotes are to be obtained for new rabbit fencing and repair of the car park at Percy Fields. The council discussed three quotes for developing a parish website.

Save the Guy Fawkes: Erica Ashmore, Lewis Denton and Pete Roberts were interviewed by Radio York on Thursday, February 14 and leaflets have now been distributed asking villagers to make pledges to buy shares to assess the level of financial support from the community for buying the Guy Fawkes. Watch the “pub-ometer” in the Guy Fawkes window! Another open meeting is to be held in the pub on Tuesday, February 26 at 8pm so the committee can bring everyone up to date with the planning application and other developments. Please give the committee and the pub your support by being there on February 26.

Church Services: for Sunday, February 24, second Sunday of Lent, 9.30am Eucharist at St Thomas Church and 10am the Methodist Church.