Nigel Harper

01423 866199

Scotton Lingerfield PTA: the jumble sale held on April 28 raised a fantastic £500 for the PTA and school funds. Thanks to Judith Hunter for organising the event, to the helpers and to all who gave their support. Well done everyone!

Bed Race Team: the school are still looking for people to join the creative team to design and build the bed and also for people to compete in the race team. If you’re keen please contact Mrs Moore at the school.

Wheelchair Aware: fed up with being forced to walk in the road while cars park on the pavements? How much harder is it for people with disabilities? There are three wheelchair users in the village one of whom is a child whose parents or carer take him out, another being Joan who is out and about in her electric wheelchair now the better weather has arrived. All need clear and unobstructed pavements in order to get around safely. Please take their needs into account when parking or when your visitors park and if you see strangers parking on the pavements please ask them not to do so.

Super Soup Lunch for Christian Aid: Helen and Nigel are once again hosting their annual super soup lunch at Barnstones on Saturday, May 18. Why not come and enjoy delicious home-made soup and good company? Please let us know if you would like to come at 12 or 1pm by calling at Barnstones or telephoning 01423 866199. Christian Aid supports self-development projects in less economically developed countries irrespective of religion.

Church Services: for Sunday, May 19, Pentecost Sunday, 8.30am Holy Communion (Book of Common Prayer) at St Thomas and 10am at the Methodist Church.