Schools bid farewell to Wetherby and Scholes headteacher

Pam Edwards received her engraved school bell as a gift during her leaving assembly at Scholes (Elmet) Primary School.
Pam Edwards received her engraved school bell as a gift during her leaving assembly at Scholes (Elmet) Primary School.

Staff and students from two federated schools in Wetherby and Scholes have said goodbye to their headteacher for the last time as she heads for retirement.

Pam Edwards has been the executive headteacher for affiliated schools St James CE Primary in Wetherby and Scholes Primary School since they federated four years ago.

But after a long career in teaching, both schools held a celebration of her career before bidding farewell one final time as they broke up for Easter.

Early years federation leader and friend to Mrs Edwards, Gayle Beesley said: “We have had a really big assembly at both schools. All the children have been doing prayers and little comments about her and things they are going to miss, just really fond memories they have got of her.

“It’s been quite a celebration of her career. She’ll be going with fond memories and a tear in her eye.”

Mrs Edwards started as the headteacher of Scholes Primary in June 2007 and was in charge of overseeing the merge with St James CE Primary in Wetherby.

Ms Beesley said: “When she took over the school she saw it through a fresh pair of eyes and took it on the next stage of the journey.

“It’s been an amazing achievement how she has brought the two schools together, we now work so closely together. Everything is the same but it’s been a major job.

“She’s energetic, enthusiastic, and vibrant. She always has the next plan in her head.

“The main thing about Pam is that she always has the children in the heart of everything she does whether it’s changes to the building or the curriculum or anything else.”

Mrs Edwards left with a number of gifts including an engraved school bell, a memories scrap book, and a kitchen aid. Mrs Beesley explained that during her long career Mrs Edwards had not been able to properly take up her passion for baking.

She said: “She said she’s never really had time, because she’s been so committed to her job that now she’s got a bit of time it’s something she’s always wanted to do. So we have set her on her way to a happy retirement and we are hoping she will bring in lots of nice buns!”

David Rowntree will move from Moortown Primary to take over Pam’s position after the Easter holidays.