School bounces back

Pupils at Summerbridge Primary are getting ready for the new term, despite flash floods devastating their school less than two months ago.

Renovation work is on track at Summerbridge Primary School after heavy rain left parts of the school buildings under four feet of water on July 7, North Yorkshire County Council (NYCC) has announced.

Two of the school’s three classes will be accommodated in temporary classrooms on the school site for a few weeks.

Head teacher Angela Mundy said: “As always with Summerbridge school we make the best out of every situation and everyone is excited about the refurbishments.

“The staff will all be very busy during the first week of September ensuring that everything is ready for the children in their temporary accommodation on site.”

Children will return to school on Monday, September 10 and the school hopes to be back into the whole building by October half term.

County Councillor Arthur Barker, NYCC Executive Member for Schools said: “Flooding causes terrible damage to property but our contractors have been working hard to make the site safe enough for pupils to return to school as early in September as possible.”