SAVED - Royal Mail delivery office merger called off

Knaresborough Delivery Office on Stockwell Road.
Knaresborough Delivery Office on Stockwell Road.

Knaresborough postal sorting office has been saved after the Royal Mail called off a proposed merger.

The Royals Mail made the announcement on Wednesday (April 3) that plans to relocate Knaresborough delivery office to Harrogate have been withdrawn, securing the jobs of the 30 staff who work at the site.

Tony Pedel, political officer at the Communications Workers Union Harrogate branch said: “I am relieved for my members and for the businesses and public of Knaresborough.

“The campaigning of the public of Knaresborough, Knaresborough Town Councillors and the Knaresborough Chamber of Trade and Commerce has led to the right result.”

Royal Mail delivery director, Steve McGuinness, said: “We have been reviewing our delivery operations in Knaresborough to consider whether it should locate to our site at Harrogate delivery office.

“After careful consideration of the key areas involved, a full assessment has been made and we have decided that a merger of the two delivery offices will not progress at the moment.

“Our people and unions have been told of this decision.”

Knaresborough Town Councillor Andrew Willoughby said: “I was made aware of the decision a few days ago and I am pleased that the right decision has been made.

“Sitting in an office miles away looking at a map perhaps it would seem the two offices were quite close but it would always have been impractical.”

Knaresborough district councillor, Phil Ireland said: “If the merger had gone ahead it would have had an impact on all the customer base in the area.

“It is good to see common sense prevail.”

MP Andrew Jones who spoke out against the plans said he was pleased with the decision: “It was clear that there were many concerns – from local businesses, residents and also from employees. The proposals did not seem to carry the support of employees or local people despite reassurances given by Royal Mail.

He added: “When the proposals were brought forward some people told me that the decision has already made and that the consultation process was not genuine.

“By asking people what they think and listening Royal Mail have proved that this is not the case and I am grateful for the constructive approach they have taken.”.