Save Starbeck Gala: latest


Our campaign to ensure Starbeck Gala returns for 2014 is gathering pace.

Committee members were this week locked in talks with sports clubs and politicians as a solution is sought over how the gala can return in August 2014.

This year’s gala was cancelled due to soaring costs and dwindling volunteer numbers.

There has been a good response to our Facebook group, but volunteers who can spare any time are urged to make themselves known.

Rod Bell has contacted us, with a history of Starbeck, and the origins of the area’s name.

He has also revealed how the international coffee chain Starbucks could link its name back to Starbeck.

If you can spare time to get involved in either the organisation or running of the 2014 gala, call Committee Chairperson Jo Nolan on 01423888538 or visit the Save Starbeck Gala Facebook page