'Save Peter' petition rejected after Bilton and Killinghall peacock palava

Peter is a regular sight in the Bilton areaPeter is a regular sight in the Bilton area
Peter is a regular sight in the Bilton area
The government has rejected a petition to save the town's famous Peacock, Peter, after a campaign in Killinghall sparked fears that he could be shipped off to Scotland.

Residents of Cautley Drive, in Killinghall, are raising funds to have the handful of peacocks that roam the village, relocated north after a spate of attacks by the birds on their cars,

However, with Peter the peacock being such a popular member of the Bilton community, fears have been raised he may be caught up in the ‘Pexit’ if he travels to Killinghall.

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So-much-so that Bilton resident, Chris Norton, attempted to start a petition to ensure Peter would not meet the same fate as his counterparts in a case of “mistaken identity”.

Mr Norton said: “I don’t think it’s fair on Peter because he’s lived here for 10 years and he’s a minor celebrity. I don’t think he’s responsible for causing any problems whatsoever.

People would have complained about him before. He’s like a Harrogate resident.

“I think it’s a complete case of mistaken identity to blame Peter.”

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Although a move-date has not been set for the birds in Killinghall, the plan is to raise the £500 needed for a licensed remover and transportation to a Scottish wildlife sanctuary.

But while the idea to protect Peter was backed by many on social media, the government has rejected Chris’ petition on the grounds that it is a ‘nonsense’.

Now it seems the only hope of keeping Peter safe from relocation is if he continues to stay in Bilton amongst the residents who have truly treasured him for the last ten years.