'Save Brexit' rally coming to Harrogate

Pro_Brexit rally coming to Harrogate.Pro_Brexit rally coming to Harrogate.
Pro_Brexit rally coming to Harrogate.
A pro-hard Brexit tour with Nigel Farage is coming to Harrogate next month to galvanise the pro-Brexit campaign.

So far Harrogate is one of only five locations chosen for the rally which its backers say is a a plea to "unite to save Brexit."

Under the banner 'Leave means Leave', the 'Save Brexit Rally' is to take place at Harrogate Convention Centre.

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To be held on Saturday, October 20, the rally is billed as starring Kate Hoey MP, Owen Paterson MP, and Nigel Farage MEP.

The latter is attending a 'The Stop Brexit Betrayal Rally' in Bolton Stadium this Saturday as a launchpad for the tour.

The Sunday Express reported that Tory MP Mr Rees-Mogg is expected to attend rallies held by the Leave Means Leave group alongside ex-Brexit Secretary David Davis and more.

Harrogate was one of only three places in Yorkshire where the majority voted to stay in the EU in the 2016 referendum while the rest of the region were in favour of a Leave vote.

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The margin in Harrogate was narrow at the Brexit referendum with 48,211 residents voting to remain - 51% - and 46,374 voting to leave - 49% - from a total of 94,653 votes cast.

The remaining dates on the hard Brexit tour include Torquay, Bournemouth and Gateshead.

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