Rossett School results

Key to Rossett A-level results

Accounting - ace; Ancient History - ah; Applied Art and Design apad; Applied Art and Design (dble award) - apad2; Applied Business - apb; Applied Business (double award) - apb2; Applied ICT - apict; Applied ICT (double award) - apict2; Applied performing arts appa; Applied science -aps; Arabic - ar; Archeology - arc; Art-a; Art and Design - ad; Bengali - b; Biology - bi; Biology and Human Biology - bih; Business Studies - bs; Chemistry - cy; Chinese - ch; Classical Civilisation - cc; Communication Studies com; Computing - co; Critical thinking - ct; Dance - d; Design and technology dt; Drama and theatre studies - dts; Econornics - ec; Economics and business studics - ecb; Electronics - el; English Language A engl; English Lang and lit B engIl; English Lit - engli; Environmental Science cst; Film studies - fs; French - fr;

Further maths - fm; General Studies - gs; Geography - gy; Geology - geo; German - g; Government and politics - gov; Gujerati - guj; Health and Social Care hsc; Health and Social Care (double award) - hsc2; Human Biology - hb; History - hy; History of art and design - had; Home Ec - hme; Latin - I; Law - lw; Leisure Studies - Is; Leisure Studies (double award) - ls2; Maths - m, Media studies - ms; Modem hebrew - mh; Music- mus; Music technology - must; Panjabi - p; Performance studies - per; Performing arts - pera; Philosophy - phi; PE - pe; Physics - phy; Psychology - psy; Religious studies - re; Russian - ru; Science - sc; Sociology - soc; Spanish - sp; Sport and physical education - spp; Statistics - st; Theatre studies - ts; Travel and Tourism - tt; Travel and Tourism (double award) - tt2; Urdu - u;


Art and design - vad; Art and design (dbl award) - vad2; Business - vbs; Communication and production (dbl award) vcp; Construction and built environment - vcbe; Construction and buiIt environment (dbl award) - vcbc; Engineering - veg; Engineering (dbl award) - veg2; Health and Social Care vhsc; Health and Social Care - (dbl award) - vhsc2; Hospitality and Catering - vhc; Hospitality and Catering (dbl award) chc2; ICT (dbl award) - vict2; Leisure and recreation vIr; Leisure recreation (dbl award) - vlr2; Manufacturing - vman; Manufacturing (dbl award) - vman2; Performing arts (dbl award) - vpera2; Science - vsc; Science (double award) vsc2; Travel and tourism - vtt; Travel and tourism (dbl award) - vtt2.

Rossett School A level and VCE results

C Annison: engl, pe, vhsc; J Baldwin: ;L Barclay: vhsc2*; S Birse: bi, engli*, gs, psy*; M Bowers: engl, pe; M Brunt: phy, gs, m*, fm; C Cansick: bi, engli, gs, pe; A Carter: engl, gs, gy, vbs; J Castelow: vbs2; A Chaudhry; bi, cy, gs, bs; K Coles;p bi, engli, gs, soc; R Corkhill: engl, gy; l Craven; a, pe; A Crowley; a, vtt; M Crowther; bi, gs, gy, pe; P Cushley; phy, gs, m, fm; M Dalby; engl, gs, psy; E Dean; a*, bi, engl, gs; K A Durrant; vhsc2; S Ebzao; pe, vtt2; S Field; engl, gs, pe, bs; C Foster; a*, bi, gs, pe; B Fox: engl, gs, psy, bs; A Gaskell;l gs, ms, mus, psy; N Gill: engl, hy, vtt; T Hallam: gs, gy,m, vbs; P Hamilton: it, bs; C Harvey-Major: gs, soc, vhsc2*; P Hess: engli, gs, hy psy; S Hull: engl, engli, gs, vbs; T Hlunter: vbs2; S Jaffe: bi, cy, gs, m, psy; L Jenkins: engl, gs, psy, bs; S Johnstone: bi, pe; A Kenyon: phy*, gs*, m*, fm*; A Ketteringham; engl, gs, psy, bs; E Laker: dts, fr, gs, gy; E Linfoot: a, engl; D March: vbs2; P Margis: pe, vtt2; S Marchment: engli, ms, psy; C Mayman; phy*, gs, m*, fm; S Meservy; a, dts, engl, gs; S Millea: dts, engl, engli; J Mirzai: cy, engl, gs, pe; A Mitchell: gs, mus, psy, bs; S Morgan; engl, pe, vhsc; J Murphy; soc, vhsc2; N Parkinson; engl, vhsc2; J Parry: engl, gs, m, vbs; M Pearson; phy, gs, m*, fm*; C Randall; dts, engl, gs, soc; A Rashid; vbs2; M Rashid; engl, engli, hy; S Rock: dt, pe*; G Russell; gs, it, m, dt; D Sanders; it, dt, bs; S Sanders; vtt2; A Sckhavati; phy, gs, m, dt; S Shiers; bi*, cy, dts*, gs; L Skeels; bi, g, psy; P Smith: a, dt; K Stephenson; cy, g, gs, m*; M Stevenson; bi, engl, gs, gy; C Sunter;engl, fr, gs, psy; A Thompson: a, engl, dt; S Thornell: dts, engl, gs, ms; N Thornton; engl, psy, bs; L Town; engl, engli, gs, psy; C Waite; dts, engli, gs, soc*; B Walker: bi, gs, gy; C Wan: cy, gs, m*, bs; A Ward; engl, gs, m, bs; T Watts: phy, gs, m, pe*; G Weatherhead; bi, engli, gs, psy; R Webster: cy, gs, it, m; T Webster; cy, phy, gs, m; B Wilkinson; gy, dt; A Wilson; engl*, fr, gs*, psy*; H Wilson: dts, engli, gs, mus.