Rossett Acre pupils learn new craft skills

Craft Aid International, the local charity serving adults with disabilities in Harrogate and Leeds, has launched its first School Outreach Programme with high praise from the Headteacher and teachers involved at Rossett Acre Primary School in Harrogate.

Friday, 9th November 2018, 2:00 pm
Updated Monday, 12th November 2018, 9:13 am

The programme, funded by the Peoples Postcode Lottery and run by Liz Cluderay of Craft Aid International, is the first of its kind.

Mrs Harris of Rossett Acre Primary school said: “It’s been a great experience for all involved working with differently-able adults, the children have loved the mosaic project!”

The programme launched at the start of September and Craft Aid are thrilled to now have schools signed up till summer 2019.

Participants embark on a six-week project with schools, creating a mosaic to design and work on.

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For schools this hits many of their targets and topics but for the participants of Craft Aid, it’s an opportunity for them to teach the children a skill that they are very accomplished at.

“This is hugely empowering and uplifting for our amazing differently able adults,” said project Leader Liz Cluderay.

Craft aid International is a grass-roots charity which takes on big community projects locally and abroad in the developing world.

It aims to bridge the gap between differently-able adults and the rest of the community.

Founder Susie Hart MBE added: “This project has so many layers of blessing to it. For the differently-able artisans we’ve trained who love passing on their skills, it’s a chance to shine brightly and be taken notice of, to be respected and accepted.

“For the children it’s a chance to talk to people with disabilities first-hand, learn about their shared humanity with those who are perceived as being ‘different’, and change their perceptions.”