Road closures to hit major Harrogate junction

One of Harrogate's busiest roads and most important junctions is going to be affected by a series of road closures for weeks at a time.

Monday, 13th January 2020, 9:42 am
Updated Monday, 13th January 2020, 9:55 am
Road closure on the way in Harrogate, in this case, at Starbeck railway level crossing.

Drivers using Knaresborough Road, Starbeck High Street, Bogs Lane and Forest Lane Head will all be affected over the next few weeks in different ways.

Road sign number one has been placed at Forest Lane Head just before Millfield Glade and says "This road will be closed 13th - 20th & 30th-31st January."

Road sign number two has been placed at Starbeck level crossing and says "Road closed here 19 January 23.30 to 20 January 06.00."

Getting ready for a new road closure in Harrogate, in this case, at the top of Bogs Lane.

Road sign number three has been placed at the top of Bogs Lane facing Forest Lane Head and says: "This road will be closed from January 21st to January 29th and 31st January".

Residents in the Bogs Lane/Kingsley area have now faced a year of virtually non-stop road closures and disruption caused by a wave of new housing developments and the vital utility works that accompanies them, mainly involving Yorkshire Water.

Residents have become so fed up with the lorries and the closures and the noise and mud and dust and mess that they have formed their own action group.

Gary Tremble of Kingsley Ward Action Group said everyone was at their wit's end and their anger was growing on a daily basis, especially about the lorries impact on the narrow roads in their area.

Mr Tremble said: " Quite frankly the situation is an utter disgrace and no residents should be subjected to 3 developments at the same time.

"The level of anger is growing to boiling point as no care or thought has been involved in any of this planning and our complaints are falling on deaf ears.

"Just this morning I was passed by two huge wagons covered in mud and depositing crap from the back due to a lack of sheet covering.

" is beyond belief that this has been allowed to happen with a continued disregard for the safety and living standards of the residents.

"Is it going to take a serious accident before we are taken seriously?"