Road closed as drivers ignore safety signs

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Drivers ignoring road signs have forced the complete closure of Boston Road in Wetherby.

Signs were put in place to allow Contractor HACS Construction, working on behalf of Micklethwaite Management Company to repair the wall alongside the A168, which was damaged during the floods of Boxing Day 2015.

But Leeds City Council this week took the decision to close the road completely as officials monitoring the site said drivers were ignoring the southbound diversion from Market Place/High Street to the Boston Road roundabout, northbound along High Street –North Street - Deighton Road – up to the Deighton road roundabout - Hudson Road – Privas Way.

“Unfortunately due to serious safety concerns we have no option but to move the official road closure point on Boston Road from Lodge Lane to the High Street/Market Place roundabout,” said a Leeds City Council spokesman.

”We have had numerous cases reported of motorists ignoring the many signs that are in place and either performing dangerous manoeuvres in the road or heading straight on into oncoming traffic causing a potential hazard to other motorists.”

The statement added: “Throughout last week we asked contractor to increase signage in the area in attempt to make motorists to pay more attention but it doesn’t seem to have made much of a difference.

“We were hoping that by now things would have settled down and that motorists would know what to expect on site – clearly this has not been the case and motorists are continuing ignore the road closure.”

Access to Wetherby Sports Association has also been affected.

The spokesman added: “Initially we wanted to keep access open to the leisure centre from both directions but regretfully we have no choice but to allow access from the northerly approach only.

“I have spoken to the leisure centre this afternoon to make them aware.”

Chairman of the Sports Association Vicky Peel this week stated: “Leeds City Council has taken the decision to close access to Lodge Lane from the centre of Wetherby.

“If you wish to access the Ings and our facilities then you will have to come in from the Mercure roundabout.

“We apologise for the inconvenience this will cause all of our members and users, we weren’t consulted on the decision taken and can only ask that you please keep using the facility as normally as possible, our future depends on your continued support.”

In addition to the works and traffic management for the private repairs to the wall, to utilise the summer holiday period and repair the deterioration of the carriageway on St James Street, Leeds City Council is carrying out resurfacing works from July27 to September 1.

These works require a 24-hour road closure and access to residents, businesses and the car park will be maintained where possible.