River clear up hauls in rubbish

editorial image

Fish expert Mark Barrow and members of Wetherby Angling Club have been working to clear the River Wharfe of rubbish.

Mark, who is known for filming the inhabitants of the river, has been carrying out environmental work along the stretch running through the town.

“Me and some friends headed to the river, I entered the river with my dive equipment and retrieved the deeper items,” said Mark whose work was prompted while discovering the waste during filming.

“We then cleared everything up and then had to tow the bag up the bank.”

He said the large haul of rubbish had included plant pots, underlay and carpet, and more.

“This is just the start, the film I’m working on shows plastics drifting through wetherby on a daily basis, unseen as its underwater,” said Mark who has previously warned of plastics in the river.

Mark and his fellow anglers’ efforts have praised by people on social media and town Councillor Norma Harrington said she had discussed the problem of flytipping on the banks and the water with Leeds Council.