Ripon girl coining it in for the trip of a lifetime

A young Ripon girl is literally coining it in to help her take the trip of a lifetime.

Rowan Krier, aged 12, has been selected to take part in an international guiding trip to Canada in 2018.

As part of this she has taken up the mantle to raise funds so the group can experience lots of activities during their visit. Rowan hit on an idea to ask people to donate any foreign coins that they may have laying around at home, any coins from any country.

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Rowan said: “The idea came about when we came back from our holiday and my mum gathered all of the odd bits of coins that she couldn’t change back. I found a company who will take the coins and change it back into sterling.”

Rowan added: “I asked if any Ripon businesses would help me by offering to have a collection bucket so people can drop off any coins. I was really pleased that they wanted to help me. I am really excited about the opportunity to go on an international camp and thanks to the fantastic guide leaders we have in the area I am part of a trip of a lifetime.”

Donate at G Craggs, Big Bites, Cowies Newsagents and The Little Book Shop.

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