Ripon City Council disbands Discover Ripon

Ripon City Council has taken the decision to disband its Discover Ripon office, which helped to organise and manage events, and market the city's visitor offer.

Wednesday, 19th December 2018, 2:12 pm
Updated Wednesday, 19th December 2018, 2:18 pm
The council has voted to outsource event management to a suitable specialist firm.'

The council has voted to outsource event management to a ‘suitable specialist firm,’ stating that a changing climate of events management has made it increasingly difficult to manage events solely in-house.

Ripon city councillor Stuart Martin, who voted in favour of disbanding Discover Ripon, told the ‘Gazette that organising events has become increasingly difficult in an era of ever-increasing requirements when it comes to producing paperwork, risk assessments, liaising with Harrogate Borough Council, and looking at first aid cover and new anti-terrorism measures.

Coun Martin said: “It has become clear over the last six months especially, that putting on events has become more and more difficult.

“Events will still be Ripon City Council events - we will still decide what events we want and when we want them, but a company will help with the paperwork and administration.”

The council told the ‘Gazette that no jobs have been affected, as no one was employed by Discover Ripon at the time the decision was made, due to staff moving on to other opportunities previously.

The council issued a statement, which reads: "At the meeting of full council on 10th December 2018, Ripon City Council resolved to disband the Discover Ripon office.

“The size of events that the council arranges has grown considerably, and the complexities of arranging those events, together with the changing event management climate, means that the council has resolved to outsource event management to a suitable specialist firm. The council also resolved to outsource the promotional and marketing activities that have previously been carried out by the Discover Ripon office.”