REVEALED: Six scariest stories in haunted Harrogate and the deadly district...

Spooky skies eclipse Blubberhouses
Spooky skies eclipse Blubberhouses

It's Halloween and on this haunted holiday we bring you the six spookiest stories from the town and beyond.

1. Our first fear-striking story comes from Haverah Park where a phantom army made up of hundreds of ghostly men was once seen marching in perfect formation.

Two farmers, Anthony Jackson and Martin Turner, were returning home after a day’s work on June 28 1812, when they reportedly saw an aerial army marching over the brow of the hill in Beckwithshaw.

Dressed in white uniforms, and with their commander in a scarlet tunic, they were joined by a second body of men at the brow of the hill.

Reported in William Grainge’s The History of Harrogate, the two spectators, hidden in some heather 100 yards away, watched the army disappear before their eyes.

A thick cloud of mist descended, obscuring the spot, and when it lifted there was no sign that anything had ever happened...

2. In at number two comes a spooky sighting at Fountains Hall.

The hall, made with the remains of stone from Fountains Abbey, was built by Sir Stephen Proctor between 1598 and 1604.

But a blue lady, said to have been “cruelly done to death”, still haunts the creepy corridors.

This ghostly blue lady is said to be the ghost of Mr Proctor's daughter who haunts the hallways to this day.

3. Our third terrifying tale is that of two travellers, crossing from Ripon to Wetherby, who reported being passed by three ghostly figures.

Dimming their lights, they saw the outline of three men in the road, wearing long, dark cloaks, who wore their hair long and had their hats upturned at the side.

On passing, the travellers turned their lights on full, but the spine-chilling sight had disappeared.

4. The fourth spooky story features a creepy child who can often be seen soaking wet after he died falling down a well.

The well in the dining hall of The Hopper Lane Hotel is said to still be haunted by the young boy's ghost and the ghost of his mother who still frantically searches for him.

5. The chilling laughter of a mischievous boggle has been heard inside the lead mines at Greenhow.

Terrifying miners with his eerie echo rattling through the tunnels, this evil spirit has been reported by many miners who have found themselves down there by some cruel twist of fate.

6. And finally, last but certainly not least; theatre goers in the town will surely know the story of the infamous Alice, who haunts the Harrogate Theatre.

Said to have thrown herself from the theatre stalls after a tragic love affair, Alice chills rooms, turns out lights and moves things around.