REVEALED: How Captain Jack Sparrow would look as a Clanger

Winning Clanger Jack Sparrow
Winning Clanger Jack Sparrow

EVER wondered how Captain Jack Sparrow would look as a Clanger?

Thanks to a keen knitter from Knaresborough, now you know.

This petite, pink, Pirates of the Carribean hero was created by Wendy Barrington, as part of a competition for the Knitting and Stiching show held at Harrogate International Centre last month.

Nearly 50 entries were submitted, with the many-decorated Clangers sold off to raise money for Yorkshire Cancer Research.

Other entries saw the cute 1970s TV characters dressed up as Santa, Elvis and a pint-sized scientist.

Sally Crerar, head of community fundraising at Yorkshire Cancer Research, said: “Lots of hard work and imagination went into creating each and every Clanger and we looked forward to meeting them as they arrived in the post!”

A total of £1,833.79 was raised.