Reunion for the class of 1964

PUPILS from the past returned to St Peter’s Primary School for a reunion and a tour of the school last month.

The class of 1964 were welcomed by headmistress, Julia Collins, who took them into the main hall to join the children in assembly where they were questioned about 60s school dinners and the cane.

Mrs Collins then led a tour of the building with the group pointing out their old classrooms.

Ex-pupil Linda Norfolk said: “We were amazed at how small it looked now through our adult eyes.”

“There was a lovely atmosphere and we were impressed by the good relationship with the pupils and their headmistress. It’s safe to say fear led us in our day,” explained Linda.

The group then joined the children in the playground, before returning to the front of the school to have their pictures taken in front of the entrance they used as children.