Retro: Amy Winehouse's 'rider' from day she sang at Harrogate International Centre

What was Amy Winehouse really like?

Thursday, 14th April 2016, 3:25 pm
Updated Thursday, 14th April 2016, 3:27 pm
Amy Winehouse pictured in the year she performed in Harrogate.

In the course of researching a new feature on Harrogate's rock n roll history, (which is bigger than anyone might think), we came across the little-known fact that Amy Winehouse once played Harrogate.Amazingly, we also managed to track down her rider from that day on July 24, 2004 at Harrogate International Centre when a young Amy performed as part of Harrogate International Festivals.Bearing in mind her early demise after drink and drug problems at the age of 27, what the young Amy, then aged just 20, ordered for her and her band backstage that day makes for interesting reading.But what was the soon-to-be global superstar like on stage at Harrogate?Harrogate Interational Festivals' current chief executive Sharon Canavar was a member of staff then and played a big part in bringing Amy Winehouse to the HIC.Sharon said: “I’d seen her on Popworld with Simon Amstell in late 200 3and both myself and the other member of the team at that time, Kate, nagged to get her programmed in the next year’s festival.“When she arrived half her band were people I had been at university with only a few years before so they were all still pretty young. Her band were pretty blown away at the size of the HIC as they were still playing a lot of sticky-floored pubs and this was a large venue with carpets.“The HIC was half full or so and she came off and asked why they weren’t dancing. She was pretty mouthy on stage and we had to deal with some issues from the audience post show.“Personally, I loved the show, the gig was great, I just don’t think Harrogate was quite ready for her at that time.”

Amy Winehouse’s rider at Harrogate International Centre, July 24, 2004:Fresh fruit, bananas, pineapple, kiwi, seedless grapes, apples, oranges, melon, crisps, peanuts, pretzels and chocolate etc.Deli tray fresh sandwiches1 jar of honey & fresh lemons1 kettle with lead/tea/coffee/milkCranberry juice, apple juice & orange juice24 bottles of ice cold water1 x bottles of Diet coke, coke & 7up24 bottles of Kronenburg, budweiser (not Stella)1 bottle of good quality white wine1 bottle of Jack Daniels1 bottle of vodka (Smirnoff or Absolut)

Amy Winehouses rider at Harrogate International Centre, July 24, 2004
Amy Winehouses rider at Harrogate International Centre, July 24, 2004