Residents spring into clean up

Residents made a clean sweep of their neighbourhoods as they took part in the Great British Spring Clean last weekend.

Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 12:21 pm
Updated Wednesday, 27th March 2019, 12:26 pm

In Wetherby councillors and candidates joined volunteers in the litter pick, led by Town Mayor Coun Galan Moss.

Coun Moss said: “We live in a beautiful town and a huge amount of effort goes into keeping it that way by the Town Council, the City Council and the huge variety of voluntary groups that we are so lucky to have.

“It was fantastic to have so many volunteers coming together to help with the Spring clean and I would like to thank all who attended.”

Over at Stutton, near Tadcaster, volunteers tackled litter hotspots of near the the A64 and Cock Beck and the nearby woods last Sunday.

“Fortunately most local residents are considerate enough with their waste but the area suffers from garbage thrown out of cars on the A64 and traffic passing over Cock Beck which seems to attract disposal of a lot of fast food items,” said a spokesman.

“The nearby woods are also regularly cleared of cans and bottles, so this is not just an one off activity, the battle to keep our neighbourhood tidy is ongoing but is helped by our local heroes. “

And 1st Clifford Cubs collected many bags of litter from the cycle path between Brahmham and Clifford on Monday night.

“They were staggered at just how many plastic bottles, coffee cups and crisp packets were strewn on the ground from passing cars on the A1,” said Georgina Mills of the Clifford Cubs.

“The Cubs were delighted to be helping their local environment and would like to thank the Cleaner Neighbourhoods Team from Leeds City Council for the loan of the litter grabbers and other equipment.“

Wetherby’s Ward Councillors Alan Lamb added that it had been good to join colleagues and friends in the campaign on litter.

But he added: “It’s incredibly frustrating to see the amount of litter and cigarette ends that people have left behind.

“We are shortly going to host a summit of a variety of agencies to see what more we can do to encourage people to dispose of their litter properly and what action can be taken when they do not.”

Coun Harrington added; “If everybody was responsible and cleaned up after themselves, it wouldn’t be necessary.”