Residents fear noise from late night cafe

Dozens of Boston Spa residents have pleaded with Leeds City Council decision-makers not to allow a cafe in Boston Spa serve alcohol until midnight on weekends.

The authority’s licensing sub-committee is set to meet next month to decide whether to grant an alcohol licence to Cafe Bospa Ltd in High Street, Boston Spa.

The applicants have requested permission for the supply of alcohol from 8am-midnight on Friday and Saturday; and 8am-11pm on Sunday to Thursday.

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But the application received 47 individual letters of objection to the plans, some of which said the village did not need another bar.

One elderly local resident wrote: “Why does a deli need to serve alcohol? We have sufficient restaurants/coffee bars selling alcohol.

Another wrote: “We are extremely concerned about the licensing and music hours because this will impact upon the quiet enjoyment of our home.

“We will have to suffer the noise of people entering and leaving the premise late at night.

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“In the summertime, we will not be able to open are (sic) windows without hearing the noise.”

Another wrote: “The change of use to a deli is welcome but not trading in the evening and especially not late at night.”

In addition to the letters of objection, there were two supporting the application, one of which stated: “I believe that the village will fully benefit from the licensing that the new cafe/deli has applied for.

“On many occasions, other licensed establishments in the village are full to the brim, thus proving that there most certainly is the desire and demand for this service and these hours.”

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The applicant Bospa Ltd said in its application that it intends to create a suitable CCTV system, as well as an incident register and not allowing drinks to be taken outside the premises.

A decision on the licence will be made by the Leeds City Council licensing sub committee on Tuesday, June 11.