Rally to save housebound woman in Starbeck

Rev. John Walden with Margaret Addey (85)
Rev. John Walden with Margaret Addey (85)

A Starbeck community leader has thanked the Harrogate Advertiser for helping a housebound elderly woman get back on the high street.

Margaret Addey, 85, was left unable to leave her house unassisted after electricity board Northern Powergrid dug a large ditch in the pavement outside her Starbeck home.

But pressure from the ‘Advertiser resulted in a Northern Powergrid pledge to fill the hole today (Thursday) - news which has delightedAssisting Minister at St Andrews Church, the Reverend John Walden.

Mr Walden, who brought the issue to our attention this week, said: “This is wonderful news. Bless you, you have worked really hard on this and we thank you for all your hard work.”

Mr Walden and his wife Alison were horrified when MrsAddey, who is a member of the congregation, fell over last week when she tried to get past the hole without falling on to the main road.

Mrs Addey, who uses a mobility frame to help her walk, is no longer able to cook for herself, and usually goes to Millers cafe on High Street for lunch or to St Andrews.

She said: “Somebody had to come from the church to help me cross over the road, the traffic moves so quickly up and down here.”

Mr and Mrs Walden are delighted that Northern Powergrid have now told the ‘Advertiser they will be resolving the issue this week.

Mrs Walden said: “She does so well to come to church, she’s 86 this October but church is very important to Margaret.

“She is so independent, she tries to do everything herself but she’s vulnerable.

“She was in such a state last week when she fell, she has not been able to go anywhere by herself since, she is scared to leave the house and to stand near the hole.

“To cross over the main road from the front of her house was taking her life in her hands.”

A spokesperson for Northern Powergrid said: “We would like to thank the ‘Advertiser for bringing Mrs Addey’s concerns regarding the roadworks to our attention.

“Our Customer Liaison Officer Kayleigh has been to see Mrs Addey to apologise for the inconvenience caused by the temporary narrowing of the footpath.

“Kayleigh has ensured that Mrs Addey has an alternative route so she can access local amenities until the work is completed on August 6.

“The work will be finished and we will have reinstated it completely.

“We apologise for any inconvenience caused during the work and thank those affected for their patience.”

Mrs Addey said: “A lady came and told me it would take them two days to fill in the hole. She brought me a huge bouquet of flowers. I am happy they have told me when they will sort the problem.”