Rail group answers questions on future

A NOT-FOR-PROFIT group set up to campaign for improvements to Harrogate’s railway line answered questions about its intentions this week.

Brian Dunsby, director of the Harrogate Line Development Company Ltd, said it had been set up to “provide a legal entity” to spearhead the bid. He told the Advertiser that all work so far had been done on a voluntary basis and he would not be salaried as a director.

Mr Dunsby added that a part-time project director would be appointed when funding allowed. “At some point in the future, it will be necessary to retain and pay for consultancy expertise,” he said. “You don’t do multi-million pound projects on the back of a fag packet - you need a lot of expertise.”

Proposals for electrification of the railway line between Harrogate, Leeds and York were backed at a meeting this week.

Harrogate Chamber of Trade invited interested residents - whether in support or opposition - with all 32 of those who attended joining members in voting to take the scheme forward.