Queen's Nurse honour for Harrogate woman at the top of her profession

Fiona Rogers with Chief Nurse Jill Foster. Picture: Adrian Murray. (1709113AM1).
Fiona Rogers with Chief Nurse Jill Foster. Picture: Adrian Murray. (1709113AM1).

A Harrogate woman has been successfully granted the Queen’s Nurse title almost 30 years to the day since she trained as a nurse at Harrogate Hospital.

Fiona Rogers trained as a nurse in 1987 before starting her first job in the outpatients department of Harrogate Hospital three years later.

But three decades on and still working under Harrogate and District NHS Foundation Trust (HDFT), Fiona’s commitment and hard work has been rewarded. Awarded one of the most prestigious titles in the nursing profession, Fiona will be formally given the Queen’s Nurse title at an official ceremony in October this year.

She said: “I was absolutely delighted when I found out, I burst into tears because I am so passionate about being a nurse.”

Today, Fiona works as a Team Leader based in Northallerton for the Ripon, Richmond and Hambleton branch of HDFT’s 5-19 Healthy Child Service.

But as Fiona explains, the Queen’s Nurse title is not just about longevity of service.

She said: “The Queens’s Nurse Title indicates a commitment to Primary Care Planning and leadership so you don’t get it because you have served over a certain number of years.

“It’s about you as a nurse and how you demonstrate that high level of professional care and service.”

Fiona added: “It’s an incredible opportunity to meet like minded people, we have meet ups with other Queen’s Nurses at regional and national events.

“It opens you up to workshops and bursaries for further training so it’s very much about your future work as a nurse.

Talking about some of her fondest memories from her vast career, Fiona wrote in her application: “I have many fond memories of making a difference.

“As a student nurse working in a nursing home, I went to the home on my wedding day to show them my dress. I can still remember their faces and smiles clearly.”

Fiona is keen to inspire others to apply, highlighting that there are only about a dozen Queen’s Nurses in the county.

She said: “What I’m hoping to do is to inspire some other local nurses to apply because there’s not that many of us across North Yorkshire but I know that we all do so much.

She added: “I always try and do my best with the resources I have at the time and as a team leader particularly I try to inspire others to do the best they can.”

As she officially carries on her role as a Queen’s Nurse, Fiona says she hopes to take to twitter to document her journey using the hashtag #QueensNurseJourney.