Protest held as BBC's Chris Packham gives talk in Harrogate

Demonstrators from the Yorkshire Moorland Communities took a message to BBC Presenter Chris Packham as he arrived at the Royal Hall in Harrogate to give a talk on Saturday.

Thursday, 31st October 2019, 11:19 am
Members of the Moorland communities protesting outside the Royal Hall on Saturday.

Bonfire Night 2019: Fireworks events and displays across the Harrogate districtThe protesters were defending grouse shooting, a subject which Mr Packham has been outspoken about.

The presenter was met outside the theatre by over 100 members of the moorland communities.

They held placards reading: “Chris Packham – ignoring science since 04.05.1961” and a large banner declared: “Moorlands are our lives, our livelihood and our community. We stand in unity to protect them.”

Today Harrogate motorists face new roadworks headacheMr Packham spoke at last month’s Green Party conference about his campaign to ban driven grouse shooting, and has been vocal about the issue on social media. He is part of 'Wild Justice', a not-for-profit company set up to protect wildlife.

The protesters sang chants including: “From bus drivers to gamekeepers, together we thrive, we need to protect, moorland community lives”.

Paying more to park - what Harrogate's leaders think about the ideaA spokesperson for The Campaign for the Protection of Moorland Communities, said: “The moorland management system which grouse shooting sustains creates a unique landscape that encourages rare and endangered wildlife, as well as being the foundation of the moorland area’s rural economy. This is reinforced by clear scientific evidence, which is too often wilfully ignored by our opponents. The facts are very clear: without grouse shooting these areas would lose millions of pounds in investment each year causing lives and livelihoods would be destroyed, alongside one of Britain’s most unique habitats. Enough is enough.”