Poo bag scheme launched to clean up village streets

Parish councillors believe they have sniffed out a successful scheme in the war on dog fouling.

Tuesday, 30th July 2019, 2:04 pm

Bramham has introduced four poo bag dispensers after experiencing problems of people failing to pick up after their dogs, around the village and near the school, and they are already proving popular.

“We had an ongoing and growing problem with dog fowling, particularly near the primary school,” said Coun Belinda Heaton.

“People in the village felt that if we provided bags for picking up dog poo it may encourage people to do so if they have forgotten their own bags.”

She added: “Since placing four dispensers at key points in the village, they have been very well received and people report a drop in the amount of dog mess.

“The dispensers also act as prominent visual reminder to dog owners about the importance of clearing up dog mess.

“The bag dispensers were manufactured by TiksPac UK, and we have a local dog walking company Pooch Patrol sponsoring the dispensers by keeping them topped up with the bags.”

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