Wanted: 3,000 Tour de France knitted jerseys

Tour de Bunting (s)
Tour de Bunting (s)

Knitters across the district are urged to help create 3,000 miniature jerseys for use as bunting during the Tour de France.

Those in Harrogate, Knaresboough and Nidderdale are urged to pick up the needles and yarn to help the district prepare for the July arrival of the world’s largest annual sporting event.

Harrogate Borough Council (HBC) Parks Team wants 3,000 miniature jerseys knitted for use as bunting across the district.

Tour riders participate in stages looking to win a coloured jersey, and the first Yellow Jersey of the 2014 Tour will be won on Harrogate’s West Park.

Le Tour de Bunting was today (Thursday) launched at the Knitting and Stitching Show in Harrogate.

Patrick Kilburn is Head of Parks and Open Spaces.

He said: “We liked the knitted bunting idea because it will get our local community participating and neatly makes the link with Yorkshire’s tradition of sheep farming and the wool trade.

“We don’t mind who knits the bunting from home or abroad.

“We know our European counterparts really have fun in setting the scene for the Tour and we want it to be just as exciting in our district.”

The colours of the jerseys needed are bright yellow, lime green, white and white with red dots.

Council guidance reads: “Each jersey would use approximately 25gms of DK wool and knitted on 4mm needles.

“The shirts are simple to knit and are knitted in one piece then folded in half and sewn up the seams.

“We will provide all willing knitters with a pattern and we have a limited amount of wool available.”

Click here for the pattern and full details