Subway branch in Harrogate flagged by food hygiene inspectors

TheBeulah Streetbranch of the world's largest submarine sandwich chain was told improvements were needed

Inspectors have issued a branch of Subway in Harrogate a one out of five rating over concerns including accumulated rubbish and 'dirty' kitchen roll.

The Beulah Street branch of the world's largest submarine sandwich chain was told improvements were needed after the inspection by Harrogate Borough Council in May.

The report said: "Paper roll was noted in the kitchen with damp and dirty edges. Paper roll should be placed on a wall mounted dispenser in the location that is required (and) provide an additional dispenser in the kitchen.

It added: "Cleaning in the basement was not satisfactory, in particular the following is now required (to be addressed).

"Dirty kick marks were seen on the chiller door, the floor in the basement requires cleaning, the steps to the basement require cleaning, the wood work was dirty and requires cleaning, accumulated rubbish must be removed, the mop bucket must be cleaned and disinfected (ensure different equipment is used in the WC)."

Rising damp in the basement was also noted as a concern by the inspector, who said the lower part of the walls needed to be sanded and repainted.

Staff were also seen using the same toilet as customers, which had a broken hand dryer at the time of the inspection.

The report said this had to repaired and this arrangement could not continue as staff are required to have access to toilets when needed.

A Subway brand spokesperson said: “The Subway brand has high food safety standards and very strict procedures in place to ensure that Subway stores serve product safely and to customers’ satisfaction.

They added: "All issues within the Beulah Street store are being addressed and the local store owner is looking forward to a follow up inspection.”

The rating can be found at the Food Standard Agency website,

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