PROFILES: Who is standing in the 2016 Harrogate district elections?

Candidates are preparing for the election.
Candidates are preparing for the election.

A total of 16 district council wards across the district are being contested on May 5.

Each candidate has been contacted by the Harrogate Advertiser Series and asked to provide a short biography.

Biographies for candidates not included below will be updated when we receive them.

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Laura Ann Dinning

Labour Party

Ian Roger Galloway


“My priorities are to support local family members who wish to remain in the villages, with their applications for affordable housing.

“I continue to lobby for high speed broadband services for the ward’s remote farmsteads.

“I was able to request commuted sums funding for Littlethorpe village hall for their replacement store and notify local community groups of grant funding.”

Greig John Sharman

Green Party

“I stand for local transport investment and helping those communities cut off from current services whilst improving local traffic management and reducing congestion. The environmental impact will be considered in all new developments, with a focus on maintaining and protecting our village environments and addressing the issues of localised air pollution in and around Harrogate. I’ll make best use of ‘brown field’ sites, oppose the potential threat of Fracking in the Dales and work to promote investment in organic and ethical production methods. I want to see considerate sustainable energy plans that preserve the countryside. I believe in compassionate politics and local policies that seek answers to the growing problems of homelessness and use of food banks.”


Paul Martin Burns

Labour Party

Hannah Gostlow

Lib Dem

“As an active member of her local community I balance being a full time mum with helping to run a local Playgroup and being a member of a Parish Council I believe that cutting of services such as buses, village traffic calming schemes and road safety programs to rural communities has impacted heavily on residents quality of life.

“The lack of affordable housing for local families is a direct result of Harrogate Borough Councils failure to deliver its own house building targets for the last six years.

“If elected to Harrogate Borough Council I will work hard to support, protect and enhance the services that make Boroughbridge such a great place for families to live.”

Shan Oakes

Green Party

“I should be extremely proud to represent Boroughbridge on Harrogate Borough Council. Market towns are very special and need protecting and boosting. I have lived in Beverley and now Knaresborough, and have worked hard to promote their heritage and the welfare of residents and businesses. I believe I have the experience and passion to fight Boroughbridge’s corner – on issues such as transport, housing, jobs, heritage, tourism, green spaces, promotion of independent shops, street lighting, noise, traffic, flood prevention, and more. I oppose fracking, which is a growing threat to our community: North Yorkshire Council will decide whether to give it the go-ahead in a few weeks’ time, so we must all tell NYCC councillors to say NO.”

Robert Windass


“I am seeking re-election to ensure we continue to maintain front line services to the Borough without massive tax increases. With prudent management we have already shown that this is achievable. More sustainable homes are needed across the whole of the Borough, it is a priority and important we get it right.

“By working with bus operators we have managed to introduce a new bus service for Boroughbridge. The 1A is proving very popular with regular connections to Knaresborough & Harrogate. This is a commercial service and requires no subsidy from the council. Working with the local highways team I have managed to secure funding for a number of roads in Boroughbridge to have new surface dressing to strengthen and protect them.”


David Anthony Bulmer

Labour Party

“David has lived in the Scotton Banks area for nearly 14 years. He is married to Catherine and has two grown up children. He is employed as a Social Worker specialising in Mental Health.

David was the first Labour candidate for some years to be elected to Knaresborough Town Council in May 2015. He has been a strong voice on the council and has participated in organising events in the locality (e.g. the Christmas Lights). He is also making an input in the local neighbourhood development plan and the emergency response team. He is a keen activist and campaigner in the community. He recently led a successful campaign to improve to standard of pavements for people who use wheelchairs and buggies.

He believes in fairness and opportunity for all. If he was elected, the issue of affordable housing would be of primary interest.”

Nick Duxbury


“As a resident of Claro Ward, Nick is strongly committed to ensuring that issues from a rural ward are kept firmly on the local agenda. Nick is aware that speeding in villages, repairing potholes, efficient refuse collection and faster broadband are major issues for the Claro ward and will press these matters at local and county level.

“Nick believes that serving all residents from the Ward is the primary focus and ensuring that rural issues are considered by Harrogate Borough Council. As a Chartered Accountant, Nick believes that prudent and sensible management of public funds is essential for an efficient and successful Borough Council.”

Adam Richard Harper

Green Party

“I care passionately about our village communities, having lived in Claro for 19 years. I am standing for election because I am prepared to work harder and talk to the community year round, because our current councillor lives miles outside our ward and because decisions focus on Harrogate, at the expense of villages. I’m seeking to be a strong voice for Claro, get faster broadband, support community groups and young people, protect bus services, improve road safety, and ensure housing is affordable for local people. Claro is a Two Horse Race between The Conservatives and Green Party, but unlike the Conservatives, I will not be bound by a party whip so can truly speak out for the ward.”

Emma Jane Walsh

Lib Dem

“Local businesswoman Emma Walsh is an active member of the community, having spent over a decade working and volunteering for local charities. Emma runs a successful local greengrocer, making home deliveries to village communities around Claro. Residents have highlighted to Emma the isolation and disadvantages both they and their neighbours face due to poorly funded services in their villages. Emma is campaigning for improved services for rural communities. “Local village communities so often get the raw end of the deal” says Emma. “I grew up in a rural village and know the value of living in such a community. Cuts to public transport, local shops and services and the threat to village schools is makes life more difficult for families and older residents of Claro alike.”


Rio Sebastian Justin Goldhammer

Labour Party

“Rio grew up in locally, attending Harrogate Grammar, and later Harrogate College where he would go on to work as a trainee teacher. Alongside teaching, Rio is a care worker in Knaresborough.

“At 25, Rio is among the youngest candidates standing in the forthcoming elections, but already has a long history of community activism and engagement. Before training as a teacher, Rio volunteered as a coach for Killinghall Nomads JFC, and continues his voluntary work as a mentor with the national charity Arts Emergency. Rio has worked with Corrina’s community cafe and can often be found making cups of tea for Harrogate Hebrew Congregation. He is a musician, and (according to him) a “semi-competent” footballer.

“If elected, Rio will fight for affordable housing, and for the needs of communities and small businesses against reckless profiteering.”

Michael Harrison


“Michael is the only candidate standing for election in this ward with a track record of working hard for residents all year round. He has been Councillor for the area since 2004 and has worked with residents, businesses, volunteers, sports groups and the Parish Councils to get things done. As Deputy Leader of the Council he is responsible for a wide range of services and is constantly looking for ways to improve services whilst reducing costs.

“He represents residents at both Harrogate Borough Council and North Yorkshire County Council. He is heavily involved in Waste & Recycling as well as Children’s Services. Michael is married with four children and combines his council work with a full time job.”

Kenn Hart


“I am a former soldier who now works at the Army Foundation College teaching young cadets, and I am standing in the Killinghall Ward for UKIP.

“I believe there needs to be a fresh, transparent and vibrant approach to local politics, and the people of the Harrogate District deserve a strong voice to challenge the current regime.

“Local government should be just that; to work for the good and benefit of the local people, which I don’t believe is the case at the moment. Whilst local services are being cut to the bone, our council tax bills have gone up.

“On May 5, you have a golden opportunity to make a difference and vote for change.”

Bill Hoult

Lib Dem

“Is a long serving and experienced councillor who is currently the Leader of the Liberal Democrats at North Yorkshire County Council. He believes that the residents of Killinghall Ward have suffered from Harrogate Council’s inept handling of the District Development Plan (opposed by the Liberal Democrats) that was thrown out by the Government Inspector.

“This has led to virtually uncontrolled developers being granted permission to build in sensitive locations irrespective of congestion and road networks.

“He remembers well the fight for aKillinghall bypass that stalled many years ago but is still needed.”


Margaret Edna Atkinson


“Margaret lives at Kirkby Malzeard, where she and her husband Michael farm. She has always lived in the area having attended North Stainley Primary School and Secondary School in Ripon, so is very aware of local issues. Having been a local Councillor for 14 years Margaret has worked hard at keeping matters about the Community and Countryside in the forefront at Harrogate Borough Council. Her three children live locally and her five grandchildren attend local schools, so she understands the issues that affect every generation in the rural communities. Margaret sees being a councillor as a supporter of local people and the community and not as a political role.”

Vivienne Graham

Labour Party


Ian Crabbe

Labour Party

Nathan Roger Hull


“Nathan is a resident of Lower Nidderdale where he lives with his wife and five children.

“He is keen to support local issues whether it be by championing the cause of local businesses, improving local tourism, ensuring that children have continued access to excellent parks and leisure facilities, protecting the area of outstanding natural beauty or looking out for the elderly and the vulnerable in our community.

“Nathan has been impressed by the way that the Council has delivered value for money services in recent years and wants to ensure that this continues in the future.

“First and foremost Nathan wants to give a voice to the people of Lower Nidderdale on Harrogate Borough Council regardless of their political views.”

Paul Geoffrey Trewhitt

Green Party

“I am a chartered marketer by profession and currently work from home. I joined the Green Party about a year ago and have been actively involved since August last year.

I have lived in Lower Nidderdale for the last 14 years, but feel well grounded within the community, as my Great Grandfather farmed in the valley at the time of the First World War.

I am interested in local and environmental issues, which affect this community. My concerns are: Flooding and water run-off, Sustainable and affordable housing, Fracking and the future threat it could impose on our community and sustainable alternatives, Better public transport, Local jobs and distribution of local healthy food, Protecting local public services from further government cuts.”


Guy Allanson

Labour Party

Tim Myatt


“I work with residents and residents’ groups to get results for the villages in Marston Moor ward. I have joined the community and parish councils campaigning on planning applications in Tockwith, bus services to Bilton-in-Ainsty, poor road surfaces in Cowthorpe and throughout the area and speeding through all the villages. I know these issues affect residents’ daily lives.

“Being a councillor to me is not a political role but rather a basis to get things done for our community - helping our area to be an even better place to live. My politics is about people, partnerships and solutions.

“I communicate regularly with residents through my In Touch community newsletters and this is something I will continue to do if elected.”

John Savage


Christine Elsie Brackley

Labour Party

Nigel Simms


“As you already know, I have represented Mashamshire on Harrogate Borough Council since 1999, and this last year I have had the good fortune to be the Mayor of the Borough of Harrogate. During this time I have had the opportunity to promote both the District and Mashamshire.

“I can tell you that, for me, Mashamshire is the brightest jewel in Harrogate’s crown and if you vote for me I will continue to help it shine.

“As always I will work with the county council and the parish councils and continue to support and champion the particular needs and requirements of our ward.

“If you have any queries or concerns please contact me either by email: or telephone: 01765 689784.

“I very much hope that I can count on your support and vote at this election.”


Nick Brown


“Nick has lived locally in Cundall for many years and has represented the Newby Ward, where he now seeks re-election, for the last eight years. He has worked hard for his residents, regardless of their political persuasion, and especially with all seven of his Ward Parish Councils where he has regularly attended their meetings and involved himself with local issues, mostly relating to planning, recycling and the environment.

“He is delighted that all his recent, eligible, Parish Council Chairs have endorsed his statutory election nomination again this time.

“Nick chairs his local Safer Neighbourhood Group which liaises with the Police to ensure their community remains safe.

“If re-elected Nick pledges to use his business skills and common sense for all his residents.”

Matthew David Forth

Labour Party


Andrew James Murday

Labour Party

Mick Stanley


“I am married to Gill with three children, one grand-daughter, a dog and three cats. Scientist by training, an historian and conservationist by nature, and passionate for holistic sustainability. Forty years as a senior manager in museums and natural heritage now a self-employed museum consultant, Environmental Adviser to the Government’s Indemnity Scheme for the loan of works of art to non-national museums. Curatorial advisor to museums in Ripon, Bedale, and Shandy Hall. “Heavily involved with modern apprentices as an External Verifier for SQA for Creative and Cultural Heritage, Libraries, Archives and Information Systems NVQs. I chair the Ripon Cathedral Fabric Advisory Committee and have been a Ripon City Councillor since May 2003, mayor in 2011, 2013 and 2014 and currently chair the Greater Ripon Improvement Partnership.”

Tom Watson

Lib Dem

“Tom was born in Nidderdale and has lived and worked here all his life. Married to Pauline, he is a family man and he recently retired from his successful Fish and Chip shop business in Summerbridge after 39 years. He served as a parish councillor for 14 years, a Borough Councillor for 6 years and has been Chairman of Hartwith cum Winsly Parish Council since 2013. He is Vice Chairman of the Dacre/Hartwith Playing Fields Association Management Committee. He is also a Parish representative on the local Safer Neighbourhood Group. He has the energy, experience and commitment to serve as your Borough Councillor. He is the right person to represent you on the Borough Council –regardless of politics.”


Kevin Brian Hawkins

Lib Dem

“I have previous experience as a councillor having served on Harrogate Borough Council for eleven years. I also have twelve years experience as a parish councillor.

“I am a retired industrial scientist and if elected am committed to serve the residentsof Ouseburn ward. There is doubt that the reduction of services to residents in rural areas has heavily affected residents quality of life. If elected I will hold regular ward surgeries, communicate frequently with residents (not just at election time) to keep you fully informed on decisions that affect you, report regularly to parish councils, and work hard t resolve any issues that affect the well-being of my constituents.”

Ash Teague


“Housing and development are two subjects at the forefront of Ash Teague’s campaign to be elected as district councillor. Living in the village of Whixley, Ash shares the concerns of other Ouseburn Ward residents over the future of housing and the potential effects it will have on existing infrastructure. He is committed to improving areas such as the A59 and drainage. Ash will work closely with the area’s County Councillor and district council to achieve bi-partisan and effective results for Ouseburn. If elected in May, Ash intends to put his youth and enthusiasm to good use by working to speed up communication between local government departments and the rural area as well as helping to get more people of a similar age interested in local politics.”

Dave Wheeler

Labour Party


Stan Beer


David Brackley

Labour Party

Gillian Rosemary Charters

Green Party

“I am standing for election as a Green Party councillor because I believe that positive change is needed to improve the future for our children and grandchildren. Currently Harrogate Borough Council decisions focus on Harrogate, at the expense of outlying areas like Pateley Bridge. I’m aiming to be a strong voice for Pateley Bridge, to get faster broadband, support community groups and independent businesses, protect bus services, improve road safety, and ensure housing is affordable for local people. As a former teacher I also care about about protecting the schools in Pateley Bridge which could be at risk from the Government’s Academies Programme. If you want a change of voice and policy in May 2016, then Vote Green.”

Stanley Lumley


“I have represented you on Harrogate Council for the past four years. I have been a Pateley Bridge Town Councillor for 18 years and am a Governor at Nidderdale High School. I work with residents, businesses, voluntary groups, sports groups and parish councils to get things done. This election is about ensuring you continue to have a strong local voice for our area, speaking up for the whole community at Harrogate and beyond; working all year round not just at election time.

“As Cabinet Member for Culture and Sport on the Council I am responsible for a wide range of services. In this influential position I am constantly looking for ways to improve what the Council provides for residents, whilst seeking to reduce costs to the taxpayer.”


Alan Beatham

Labour Party

Elizabeth Collins

Green Party

“The reduction in public transport to villages, isolates the elderly and less well off. The constant development of greenfield sites is transforming the village landscape when we should be developing brownfield sites using local builders and not footsie listed corporations. Highways must be pothole free to keep cyclists safe. The upgrade of the York/Leeds line must be made a priority along with the availability of super fast wi-fi to every house in every village. “Fly-tipping needs to be dealt with immediately and the reasons why it’s happening so as to eliminate it.

“I know there’s lots more to do but if some of the above resonates with you, then vote for me and you’ll have the Green Party behind you who care passionately about protecting our countryside.

Simon James Oldroyd

Lib Dem

“Simon has been a Parish Councillor for six years after moving into Ribston Ward with his family a decade ago. Having run a family retail business as Managing Director for thirty years, Simon had the fortunate opportunity to change career and now works in the field of mental health for both the NHS and other agencies.

“Simon stood for election fo Borough Councillor for Ribston Ward last time and is still as keen, in this era of considerable change and development, to preserve rural services, the rural environment and to inflence progress accordingly, representing residents.”

Andy Paraskos


“Andy is a self-employed professional photographer who was born in North Leeds, and went to school in Harrogate. He began his adult life working on Yorkshire market stalls, before going to university to study photography. Andy is married, and has three grown up children.

“Andy is an experienced campaigner, has been a school governor and strongly believes that education is vital to the next generation. Being a local councillor is about being committed to working hard for the ward’s residents - Andy will honour that through his support to residents in fighting excessive development in the area and is passionate that the villages remain rural and retain their special character.”


Shirley Patricia Fawcett


“Shirley was born in Spofforth and has lived in the village all her life. She is very passionate about the quality of life of all residents in the Spofforth and Lower Wharfedale Ward. Shirley has been a Parish Councillor for over 35 years, has been a Vice Chairman of the Yorkshire Local Councils Association, and represents North Yorkshire at the National Association of Local Councils in London. Shirley spent 2014-15 as Mayoress of Harrogate and she continues to be an Executive Member for Yorkshire in Bloom.

“If re-elected, Shirley pledges to continue her hard work to ensure that the villages, rural areas and residents get a fair deal.”

Pamela Godsell

Lib Dem

“As an active member of her local community and former Parish Councillor Pam Godsell believes that the persistent cutting of essential services to rural communities is damaging and cannot be maintained. Cutting bus services, post offices, village traffic calming schemes and road safety programs to rural communities has impacted heavily on community cohesion. The lack of affordable housing for local families is a direct result of Harrogate Borough Council’s

failure to deliver its own house building targets for the last six years.

If elected to Harrogate Borough Council Pam will work hard to support, protect and enhance the services that make Spofforth Ward such a great place for families to live.”

Carol Walker

Labour Party


Harvey Alexander


“I am an Electronic Engineer and was educated at Leeds Central High School, Leeds College of Technology and Leeds Metropolitan

University. I have been a member of my local parish council and both Nidderdale and Knaresborough Safer Neighbourhood Groups. I have campaigned

against burglary and violent crime. I am an active member of the co-operative movement and have served as Chairman and Treasurer of the Leeds & Wakefield Cooperative Members Group, which has members in the Harrogate area. If I am elected, I will campaign against inefficiency and wasted resources by the council and to reduce council taxes.”

Nick Murray

Labour Party

Christine Anne Ryder


“Christine runs Scaife Hall Farm Bed and Breakfast at Blubberhouses which she has owned for 26 years. She is married to Chris who is a farmer.

“Christine supports local residents and parish councils to get the best results for the area particularly on controversial planning applications. Owning a rural business and helping run a farm, Christine knows how important preserving the special character of our rural areas is.

“She is Chair of Washburn Parish Council and is active on the Area of Outstanding Natural, Beauty Committee, the Nidderdale Strategic Partnership and the Knabs Ridge Community Fund panel.”


Bernard Arthur Bateman


“I have been pleased to represent Wathvale since 2012, meeting residents, attending seven Parish Councils and dealing with issues like Planning, Waste Collection, Highways etc. Being your representative on Harrogate Conservative Controlled Council is a pleasure, seeing the excellent way our council is run, especially the “Freezing of Council Tax for the past six years” whilst maintaining services with a small increase of 8 pence per week on a Band D home to deliver an investment-based budget for 2016/17. Recycling has improved from 9% previously to 42% today and saving at least £1million every year by combining five offices into one new Council Office. If re-elected, I commit to attending and working with our Parish Councils, being available to discuss any issues you have with the Council ensuring we continue delivering excellent services.”

Alan Peter Woodhead

Labour Party