Priciest street to get affordable homes?

tis. Fulwith Mill Lane in Harrogate. 090325AR2pic.
tis. Fulwith Mill Lane in Harrogate. 090325AR2pic.

The most expensive street in Yorkshire might seem like an unlikely place for affordable housing.

But residents could get a cut-price home on Fulwith Mill Lane if new plans are approved by the council.

With an average house price of £1.2m, the street gained the title in March last year.

Now an outline planning application has been submitted for five detached homes and three affordable flats.

The three apartments, in a two-storey building, would be for over-55s and accessed from Fulwith Mill Lane, along with one of the houses. The other four would have driveways onto Fulwith Drive. Each would have a detached garage and between four and six bedrooms.

The land is owned by the Audrey and Stanley Burton Charitable Trust. At a consultation last year, neighbours overlooking the site raised the most concerns. Many also raised the issue of the affordable housing which they said was out of keeping with the surroundings. The application states the trustees wanted to site the affordable homes elsewhere but were told by the council that would not be acceptable.

To view or comment on the application, visit and use reference 11/00771/OUTMAJ.