Plan to cut women's sessions and hike prices at Harrogate's Turkish Baths

Harrogate's Turkish Baths.
Harrogate's Turkish Baths.

A proposal to cut down on women-only sessions and rejig costs at Harrogate's Turkish Baths is set to be decided this week.

Under the changes proposed, ladies sessions would be cut from five to three a week, while mixed sessions would rise from 22 to 24 a week.

The sole male-only session would remain unchanged.

"Removing two ladies sessions throughout the week increases the number of mixed sessions to 24, and reduces the imbalance between ladies and gentlemen-only sessions to two," a report on the matter states.

According to the report, single sex sessions have been identified as performing poorly financially, with an increase to mixed sessions offering "greater capacity and flexibility".

"By reducing more ladies only sessions which do not currently perform as well as mixed, the potential to increase attendances and revenue at these sessions is greater," it states.

Cabinet member for culture and sport, Coun Stanley Lumley, will be asked to green-light the decision at a meeting on August 1.

Coun Lumley will also be asked to approve a price increase for Mondays, which would see the cost of a session climb from £19 to £23 between the times of 9.45am and 5.30pm.

According to a report, the increase aims to capitalise on Monday and Friday sessions becoming more popular with clients.

"There is a culture shift in weekend visitors to the Harrogate area which is resulting in Fridays and Mondays being more popular days to book," the report states.

"In line with the Turkish Baths strategy report, regular reviews of the pricing structure have been undertaken to reflect the busy nature of sessions throughout the week, thus maximising revenue and customer experience wherever possible."

Lachlan Leeming, Local Democracy Reporter