More than 11,000 homes needed across Harrogate district by 2035

Asking prices are being reduced in many areas
Asking prices are being reduced in many areas

More than 11,000 homes must be built across the Harrogate district before 2035, according to evidence from a Strategic Housing Market Assessment (SHMA).

The assessment, prepared by consultants Justin Gardner and GL heard, found that 557 houses per year should be included and accounted for in the council’s Local Plan.

This figure has increased from a September 2015 projection of 518 homes but, despite this, the amount of affordable housing needed per year fell from 313 to 256.

In order to provide these homes, the council published a Call for Sites, which may have the potential for housing or employment at some point in the future, with more than 460 sites submitted.

Of the 409 housing sites, 213 were assessed as either “deliverable” or “developable” either within or after a five year period, resulting in a potential 30,484 homes on these sites.

However, Coun Rebecca Burnett, cabinet member Planning and Sustainable Transport stressed that not all of the identified “deliverable” sites would be developed into housing.

She said: “We will prepare our Local Plan based on the figure set by the SHMA so it would be silly to go with a figure under this. But we believe this figure is achievable.

“There is currently an initial assesment being done and, based on the growth strategy, we will identify the sites that we will use in the plan.

“After this, the next stage of public engagement will follow. The consultation will be in October and people will get a chance to comment on the proposed sites and I’m expecting quite a lot of interest.”

Of the 11,697 homes required across the district, 685 have already been completed meaning land needed to be found for a minimum of 11,012 remaining homes.

Harrogate Borough Council have already given planning approval to 1,789 homes on 23 of the suggested sites, including 600 at Penny Pot Lane, 450 at Bluecoat Park and 135 at the Former Doublegates Quarry.

The assessment found that Harrogate would have to deliver 5,446 of these houses with 684 to be delivered in the next 0-5 years.

In Knaresborough, 731 had to be delivered with 178 over the next 0-5 years and 1,007 needing to be built in Boroughbridge.

In Ripon, 2,319 homes would need to be built with 169 needed in the next year and 118 homes needed across Pateley Bridge.

There were 197 sites that had been identified as undeliverable for a number of reasons including flood risk, access or other highway issues, environmental impacts or constraints and restrictive policy provisions.

Each site was assessed on the basis of its suitability for development, availability for development and achievability for development.