Knaresborough elects two Lib Dem County Councillors

More than a third of the electorate turned out in Knaresborough to vote in two Lib Dem councillors.

Coun Bill Hoult, Lib Dem, led the way with 2084 votes and Coun Anne Jones, Lib Dem, took Knaresborough’s second seat from Conservative John Batt with 1861 votes to his 1219.

Votes being counted in Harrogate after the county council elections.

Votes being counted in Harrogate after the county council elections.

An emotional Anne Jones told the people of Knaresborough, “I won’t let you down.”

She said: “It was phenomenal, this just shows that hard work does pay and it’s a resounding result for Knaresborough Liberal Democrats.”

Coun Bill Hoult said: “I’m very happy, I have been a councillor for 13 years now. This just shows hard work pays off.

“If you work hard all through the years the voters will repay you.”

Like in many other wards UKIP placed third in Knaresborough with 18 per cent of the votes.

UKIP’s Matthew Joy won 947 votes and David Rimington won 764 votes.

Conservative Phil Ireland took 1108 votes while Labour candidates Lorraine Ferris and Jan Williams shared 8 per cent of the votes and Gillian Rosemary Charters won 330 votes.

Mr Ireland blamed his party’s loss on UKIP’s influence in the town. He said: “I am disappointed for myself and for the residents of Knaresborough. It was obvious UKIP were gaining a lot of support. That’s the biggest influencing factor.”

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