In numbers: How Harrogate voted in elections to new North Yorkshire Council

The Conservatives have gained control of the new North Yorkshire Council, but only just after big election victories for opposition parties - especially in Harrogate.
The Liberal Democrats are now the biggest party in the Harrogate district after last week's local elections.The Liberal Democrats are now the biggest party in the Harrogate district after last week's local elections.
The Liberal Democrats are now the biggest party in the Harrogate district after last week's local elections.

In last Thursday's vote, the Tories took 47 of the 90 seats on the new unitary authority.

But only nine of those were won in Harrogate where the Liberal Democrats became the biggest party after more than a decade of a Conservative majority.

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The Lib Dems secured 10 of the 21 seats which will represent the district on the new council, while one Independent and one Green councillor were also elected.

In total, there were 77 candidates competing in the Harrogate district, meaning 56 failed to get elected. This included several senior Conservatives - not least to mention Graham Swift, deputy leader of Harrogate Borough Council.

Overall, it was a bruising ballot for Harrogate's Conservatives which previously had 16 district seats on North Yorkshire County Council, compared to just two for the Lib Dems.

Those elected on Thursday will serve a five-year term, including one year on the existing county council and four on the new unitary authority.

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The vote turnout in Harrogate was 37%, a figure which was on par with previous district and county elections in 2018 and 2017.

Here are this year's election results in full:

Bilton and Nidd Gorge

Paul Haslam, Conservatives - WON with 1,017 votes

Andrew Kempston-Parkes, Liberal Democrats - 663

Deborah Havercroft, Labour Party - 285

Bilton Grange and New Park

Monika Slater, Liberal Democrats - WON with 968 votes

Matthew Scott, Conservatives - 677

Andrew Zigmond, Labour Party - 159

Tamsin Worrall, Green Party - 123

Boroughbridge and Claro

Robert Windass, Conservatives - WON with 936 votes

Jon Starkey, Independent - 486

Andy Bell, Liberal Democrats - 433

Clark Pearson, Green Party - 169

Noel Evans, Independent - 96

Coppice Valley and Duchy

Peter Lacey, Liberal Democrats - WON with 940 votes

Graham Swift, Conservatives - 739

Daniel Thompson, Independent - 199

Patricia Foxall, Labour Party - 126

Leighton Regayre, Green Party - 84

Fairfax and Starbeck

Philip Broadbank, Liberal Democrats - WON with 921 votes

Sue Lumby, Conservatives - 442

Christopher Watt, Labour Party - 337

Gordon Schallmo, Green Party - 103

Harlow and St Georges

Mike Schofield, Liberal Democrats - WON with 1,245 votes

Steven Jackson, Conservatives - 805

Sarah Hart, Independent - 345

John Adams, Labour Party - 169

Andrew Rickard, Green Party - 149

High Harrogate and Kingsley

Chris Aldred, Liberal Democrats - WON with 1,019 votes

Tim Myatt, Conservatives - 760

Geoffrey Foxall, Labour Party - 263

Killinghall, Hampsthwaite and Saltergate

Michael Harrison, Conservatives - WON with 1,016 votes

David Goode, Liberal Democrats - 465

Edward Clayson, Labour Party - 251

Bill Rigby, Green Party - 124

Knaresborough East

Hannah Gostlow, Liberal Democrats - WON with 1,169 votes

Ed Darling, Conservatives - 767

Sharon-Theresa Calvert, Labour Party - 276

Knaresborough West

Matt Walker, Liberal Democrats - WON with 1,316 votes

Phil Ireland, Conservatives - 988

David Tom Crosthwaite, Labour Party - 328

Masham and Fountains

Margaret Atkinson, Conservatives - WON with 1,076 votes

Felicity Cunliffe-Lister, Independent - 738

Judith Hooper, Liberal Democrats - 620

Oatlands and Pannal

John Mann, Conservatives - WON with 1,175 votes

Justin Chan, Liberal Democrats - 820

Gillian Charters, Green Party - 266

Margaret Smith, Labour Party - 250


Arnold Warneken, Green Party - WON with 1,328 votes

Richard Musgrave, Conservatives - 586

Pateley Bridge and Nidderdale

Andrew Murday, Liberal Democrats - WON with 1,002 votes

Stanley Lumley, Conservatives - 807

Alison Harris, Yorkshire Party - 65

Ripon Minster and Moorside

Andrew Williams, Independent - WON with 1,453 votes

Tom Cavell-Taylor, Liberal Democrats - 334

Thomas James Averre, Conservatives - 312

Ripon Ure Bank and Spa

Barbara Brodigan, Liberal Democrats - WON with 985 votes

Sid Hawke, Independent - 734

Mike Chambers, Conservatives - 556

Robin Burgess, Green Party - 151

Spofforth with Lower Wharfedale and Tockwith

Andy Paraskos, Conservatives - WON with 929 votes

Alexandra Marsh, Green Party - 630

John Hall, Yorkshire Party - 158

Stray, Woodlands and Hookstone

Pat Marsh, Liberal Democrats - WON with 1,350 votes

John Ennis, Conservatives - 910

Helen Burke, Labour Party - 189

Anna McIntee, Independent - 167

Valley Gardens and Central Harrogate

Sam Gibbs, Conservatives - WON with 871 votes

David Johnson, Liberal Democrats - 545

Andrew Williamson, Labour Party - 275

Lucy Jayne Gardiner, Independent - 331

Paul Ferrigno, Green Party - 162

Washburn and Birstwith

Nathan Hull, Conservatives - WON with 891 votes

Tom Watson, Liberal Democrats - 713

Paul Trewhitt, Green Party - 201

Ian Galloway, Independent - 162

Wathvale and Bishop Monkton

Nick Brown, Conservatives - WON with 1,334 votes

Chris Knight, Liberal Democrats - 559

Hannah Katherine Corlett, Green Party - 455

By Jacob Webster, Local Democracy Reporter