How close to 3,000 new homes could help solve district's housing problem, says developer

Developers bidding for permission to build a new settlement of 2,750 houses in Flaxby say it could bring 'bring major economic benefits' to the district.

Thursday, 17th May 2018, 12:21 pm
Updated Thursday, 17th May 2018, 12:51 pm
One of Flaxby Park Ltd's owners has spoken on the what plans could offer

One of the three owners of Flaxby Park Ltd, Chris Musgrave, in a statement said if plans for the site at Flaxby Park are approved there could be a potential boost of £4.9 million in council tax. The former golf course was purchased by the company in 2016 and outline plans submitted in 2017, these include proposals for facilities including two primary schools and GP surgery.

Aiming for at least 14,049 new homes to be built up to 2035 Harrogate Borough Councils Local Plan is currently undergoing examination by the Government.

Mr Musgrave said that alongside an economic boost the plans would support this target, “helping solve the district’s housing problems in the short-term.”

He said: “Like many local authorities, Harrogate has to increase the supply of local houses in order to meet growing demand for homes. Building 2,750 new homes at Flaxby Park would immediately reduce Harrogate Borough Council’s target by almost 20 per cent, giving it a much more achievable goal, as well as solving its housing problem in the short-term.

“We have housebuilders ready to start work on site as soon as planning permission is secured and the infrastructure is already in place, unlike the other major new settlement recommended in the draft Local Plan, which also faces much opposition.

“Crucially, Flaxby Park would also start generating substantial council tax payments as soon as the first houses complete, which would significantly benefit the Harrogate district as a whole.

“The development would be an exceptional place to live, and it has been designed to maximise its magnificent parkland setting, with lots of green space. It will bring major economic benefits to the surrounding area and we are ready to deliver it.”

Pointing to Goldsborough Railway Station the developer has also said it could offer direct links to Leeds and York.