ELECTION 2013: Harrogate district results in full

The results of North Yorkshire County Council elections are in
The results of North Yorkshire County Council elections are in

UKIP have won a seat on North Yorkshire County Council, and election results are in across the region.

UKIP candidate David Simister became the Harrogate area’s first UKIP councillor, winning the seat from the county’s Liberal Democrat leader Geoff Webber.

It was a strong day for Conservatives, with a net gain of four seats across the district.

However, the Liberal Democrats suffered a net loss of two seats.

Liberal Democrat Andrew Goss retained the other Bilton and Nidd Gorge seat.

The new Coun Simister said: “It is absolutely fantastic.

“We were up against some very seasoned and experienced campaigners in the Liberal Democrats.

“I can’t believe I came first. I thought we would do well but I didn’t think we would win.”

See next week’s Harrogate Advertiser for interviews and reaction

Harrogate district North Yorkshire County Council election results in full:

Ainsty division

Elected: John Savage (Liberal) 989 votes, 38 per cent

Famida Annissa Wilson (CON) 897 votes, 34 per cent

Robert Bernard Frendt (UKIP) 480 votes, 18 per cent

John Fisher (LAB) 258 votes, 10 per cent

Turnout: 36 per cent

Boroughbridge division

Elected: Robert Windass (CON) 1220 votes, 48 per cent

Paul Stephen Hudson (UKIP) 759 votes, 30 per cent

Peter Philips (Liberal) 337 votes, 13 per cent

Alec Hendry (LAB) 242 votes, 9 per cent

Turnout: 34 per cent

Harrogate Bilton and Nidd Gorge division

Elected: David Gilbert Simister (UKIP) 1164 votes

Elected: Andrew Martin Goss (LD) 1145 votes

Geoff Webber (LD) 1112 votes

Mark George Simpson (UKIP) 875 votes

Steven Paul Jackson (CON) 747 votes

Graham Kevin Swift (CON) 690 votes

Andrew Philip Gray (LAB) 642 votes

Brian Robert Summerson (LAB) 542 votes

Claire Hawkins (GRE) 326 votes

Turnout: 57 per cent

Harrogate Central

Elected: Richard Cooper (CON) 1586 votes, 20 per cent

Elected: Jean Mary Butterfield (CON) 1551 votes, 19 per cent

John Michael Fox (LD) 1539 votes, 19 per cent

James Monaghan (LD) 1330 votes, 17 per cent

Adrian James Ludbrook Buckley (UKIP) 657 votes, 8 per cent

Gregory Michael Peters (UKIP) 634 votes, eight per cent

Diane Patricia Maguire (LAB) 398 votes, 5 per cent

Nicholas James Knott (LAB) 360 votes, 4 per cent

Turnout: 59 per cent

Harrogate Harlow

Elected: Jim Clark (CON) 1300 votes, 52 per cent

Les Parkes (LD) 606 votes, 24 per cent

Salvina Caterina Maria Bashforth (UKIP) 413 votes, 16 per cent

Kevin McNerney (LAB) 200 votes, 8 per cent

TurnoutL: 38 per cent

Harrogate Oatlands

Elected: John Radcliffe Ennis (CON) 1083 votes, 40 per cent

Peter James Skardon (LD) 988 votes, 36 per cent

Geoffrey Mark Lumley (UKIP) 432 votes, 16 per cent

Helen Burke (LAB) 207 votes, 8 per cent

Turnout: 41 per cent

Harrogate Saltergate

Elected: Don Mackenzie (CON) 1050 votes, 50 per cent

David D’Arcy Thompson (UKIP) 404 votes, 19 per cent

Gordon Charlton (LD) 326 votes, 16 per cent

Janet Morrow Isabella (LAB) 165 votes, 8 per cent

Shaun Patrick Lowry (GRE) 158 votes, 8 per cent

Turnout: 32 per cent

Harrogate Starbeck

Elected: Margaret-Ann De Courcey-Bayley (CON) 908 votes, 49 per cent

Steven O’Neill (UKIP) 403 votes, 22 per cent

Benjamin Christopher Johnston (CON) 310 votes, 17 per cent

Geoffrey Ronald David Foxall (LAB) 214 votes, 12 per cent

Turnout: 28 per cent


Elected: Bill Hoult (LD) 2084 votes, 23 per cent

Elected: Anne Jones (LD) 1861 votes, 20 per cent

John Batt (CON) 1219 votes, 13 per cent

Phil Ireland (CON) 1108 votes, 12 per cent

Matthew Joy (UKIP) 947 votes, 10 per cent

David Rimington (UKIP) 764 votes, 8 per cent

Lorraine Ferris (LAB) 399 votes, 4 per cent

Jan Williams (LAB) 376 votes, 4 per cent

Gillian Charters (GRE) 330 votes, 4 per cent

Turnout: 37 per cent

Lower Nidderdale and Bishop Monkton

Elected: Michael Harrison (CON) 1344 votes, 55 per cent

Jeffrey Wells (UKIP) 605 votes, 25 per cent

Tom Watson (IND) 261 votes, 11 per cent

Andrew James Murday (LAB) 225 votes, 9 per cent

Turnout: 34 per cent

Masham and Fountains

Elected: Margaret Edna Atkinson (CON) 1232 votes, 58 per cent

Hugh Cecil Hamilton Whiteside (UKIP) 498 votes, 23 per cent

Matthew Forth (LAB) 206 votes, 10 per cent

Angela June Hosie (LD) 193 votes, 9 per cent

Turnout: 31 per cent

Pannal and Lower Wharfedale

Elected: Cliff Trotter (CON) 1472 votes, 62 per cent

John Randle Upex (UKIP) 490 votes, 21 per cent

Robert Ashley Darlington (LAB) 223 votes, 9 per cent

Richard Miles Wilson (GRE) 205 votes, 9 per cent

Turnout: 35 per cent

Pateley Bridge

Elected: John Fort (CON) 1288 votes, 55 per cent

Ruth Whiteside (UKIP) 466 votes, 20 per cent

Pete Flynn (LD) 413 votes, 18 per cent

Stephen Michael Williams Boyden (LAB) 193 votes, 8 per cent

Turnout: 35 per cent

Ripon North

Elected: Bernard Arthur Bateman (CON) 658 votes, 34 per cent

Sid Hawke (IND) 540 votes, 28 per cent

Stephen Robert Swindells (UKIP) 529 votes, 27 per cent

Vivienne Graham (LAB) 224 votes, 11 per cent

Turnout: 29 per cent

Ripon South
Elected: Peter Horton (IND) 599 votes, 35 per cent

Stuart Andrew Martin (CON) 532 votes, 31 per cent

Jeremy Maxwell Banyard (UKIP) 412 votes, 24 per cent

Christine Elsie Brackley (LAB) 108 votes, 6 per cent

John Stockdale (LD) 78 votes, 5 per cent

Turnout: 30 per cent