Eight "eco-houses" given green tick for Birstwith

The site on the edge of the village of Birstwith.
The site on the edge of the village of Birstwith.

The construction of eight "eco-houses" at Birstwith will go ahead, after Harrogate Borough Council's planning committee approved the move.

While planning committee permission wouldn't usually be required for a development of this size, the proposal by applicant David Holmes for farmland at Clint Bank did, after ward member Coun Tom Watson called the application in.

Addressing committee members before the decision, Coun Watson raised concerns that the development wouldn't include the construction of a footpath, which would link with an existing path at the site.

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When councillors inquired about imposing the construction of a path, they were informed that outline planning permission had already been granted, and they couldn't "go back and redo" the conditions.

It saw councillors vote 11-1 in favour of continuing with the project.

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An agent for the applicant said the site would consist of "eight individual, bespoke eco-houses", with the distances between the dwellings and open space at the site to help "create a softer village edge".

The development won't include any affordable housing, with the developers set to sign a S106 agreement to instead make financial contributions towards affordable housing provision, open space/village hall provision, landscaping and the construction of a pedestrian link to Collin Spring Court.

Lachlan Leeming, Local Democracy Reporter